Qt3 Movie Podcast Pledge Drive/Listener's Choice Lottery


Tim, it’s a movie podcast.




I do hope, Tom, that (whether you enjoyed it or not) you’ll give your thoughts on Army of Shadows either on the forum or the podcast. Also, Battle of Algiers is totally worth checking out, especially if you have any interest in the subject of terrorism or guerrilla warfare. It used to be available to stream on Hulu Plus, though I’m not sure if it is still.


So are you guys going to do this again? I didn’t know it was happening until it was too late :( Also, what about a lottery where someone gets to pick a 3x3?

More lotteries plz.


We had a great time doing it, and I never would have seen the movie that was picked if it wasn’t for the pledge drive. I’m even still working my way through certain movies that were recommended to us (such as Army of Darkness). But I think this is something we might do again shortly. We’ll bring it up at the next meeting!



I think you might mean Army of Shadows.





Practically the same thing.


Last year’s pick was so hysterical. I can’t wait to see what you come up for this one.



So this is a thing that is happening again. Time for Why Did I Get Married Too, take two?




Hmm… Pixels, The Cobbler, Jack & Jill… so many choices.


Ooh, good. Now I can nominate the Zapped! remake starring Disney Channel’s Zendaya.


This can’t be happening.



For what it’s worth, of the money I’ve chipped in, only $1 was for (potentially) a joke choice.

But I guess we’ve still got some time to go…


If only Bai Ling movies were easier to find.


How dare you. Whi-man.



While I personally get the absurd spirit of the joke, and have laughed, Bai Ling more or less means I can’t listen to the movie podcast w/ my wife (Japanese). She would not find it amusing.


I’m sorry about that, mono. I’m always uncomfortable with it, and yet I contribute. Which accounts for my weird sigh reactions. But I go along with it because I think comedy should allow for that. Why shouldn’t Kelly get to make that weird joke, just because he’s white?

Still, I made a fuss about using the word ‘gay’ to describe things in a certain way in the past, and tried to talk about people-first language when discussing disabilities, so I could be wrong. Regardless, it makes me uncomfortable and I probably shouldn’t have made that joke above.

I’m sorry it means you can’t listen to the show with your wife. That sucks.



Will you publish a list of all the movies entered?