Qt3 Movie Podcast: The Face of an Angel


Michael Winterbottom considers the Amanda Knox case in Face of an Angel, a meta-mess about Italy, murder, the media, and picking up random barmaids. At the 46-minute mark, we assume the identity of people discussing masks in movies for this week’s 3×3.

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Atlantis the Lost Empire has Michael J Fox as Milo, and Cree Summer as Kida. Yes, its an animated movie. It is NOT a documentary.


It also has John Mahoney in it. Now I remember the movie; I'd forgotten the whole title. I saw this quite a few years ago and was shocked at how much I liked it. As I recall it was not thought of that highly, so it was a pleasant surprise.


It seems to be "minor" Disney at best, but I have a soft spot for it.


Tom, do you seriously expect me to believe any average moviegoer would pick Raising Arizona over Big Lebowski as their favorite Coen brothers movie?

Also, I was really hoping you'd do Magic Mike XXL instead of Terminator, but I see it doesn't open in Germany for a couple of weeks.


This will only serve to open me to more Sören derision, but I would most certainly pick Raising Arizona over Big Lebowski. Neither is my favorite, but RA would be higher on the Coen list.

I'm okay. You're okay. And that's there what it is.


Well, that's like you're opinion, man.

I was more making a point of which movie has a wider cultural footprint.


Good catch on the Goon goalie mask, Dingus. Of course, that mask (helmet really, but hey) is decorated with pictures of the goalie's dear old mother which his Russian team mates -- ahem -- appreciate so delicately in the locker room. Damn I love that film, but I do drink a lot of hand sanitizer.


First there wasn't an Opsis. Then there was an Opsis. These wild deviations from the podcast format are too much to handle!


I'm shocked. Shocked! That Kelly upvoted that!

In all seriousness, though, I am interested in hearing what you mean by wider cultural footprint.


It's pronounced "cash-AY"


Tom, you need to watch West of Memphis. It's pretty conclusive about who the real killer was.




I presume they conclude it was the homeless guy who left blood in the bathroom at the fast-food restaurant, right? But wasn't that evidence boogered up by the police department? And was the guy ever ID'ed?

From the Berlinger documentaries, that seems like the most likely scenario.

Ah, wait, looking it up now, I see they're implicating the stepfather of one of the victims. That's definitely brought up in the Berlinger documentaries, isn't it? But with some pretty tenuous evidence, if I recall correctly.





Yeah, I probably shouldn't have used the word conclusive. More like, strongly implied... But there was DNA evidence in the form of the stepfather's hair found in the rope used to hogtie the victims, along with testimony and other circumstantial evidence.
Anyway, I think it's worth watching if only for how good of a case it makes for the Three's innocence. I think that part was "conclusive."





DNA evidence from the scene of the crime sounds pretty conclusive to me, Jeremy! Thanks for the tip. I'll check it out. I see it's Amy Berg, whose latest documentary on the abuse of child actors is getting lots of press right now.


Basically, that if I hear a Coen bros movie quoted, odds are it's going to be Lebowski. Even if it didn't do much business in theatres, it's built up such a massive following over the years.It feels downright weird to me that Tom would single out RA as the plebe's Coen bros pick.


Also, sheesh. You tell a man he's watching movies wrong once...

Funnily enough, you're usually the one who scans best with my tastes. And the offense of watching The Wolverine wrong doesn't hold a patch on the derision I feel for Tom's attitude towards "grandpa" movies. (I just bite my tongue, because doing otherwise will just encourage him.)