Qt3 Movie Podcast: Transformers: The Last Knight

These are dark times for Transformers: Age of Extinction apologists. Dark times indeed.
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Warning: this post is full of spoilers, skip it if you haven’t seen the movie and listened to the podcast.

So the reveal that the Earth has another name (Unicron) tells us that the Earth is a Transformer. That’s what the horns are. The nerd in the seat next to me freaked out and said ‘what’ several times when that happened. Maybe you’d also have freaked out if you had seen the best Transformers movie, the cartoon from the 80s, starring Leonard Nimoy, Eric Idle and–as the voice of Unicron, the planet-sized planet-eating Transformer–Orson Welles. Time to start saving up for next year’s movie drive, I guess.

I’m pretty sure “to punish and enslave” has been on that one police car Decepticon for several of these movies. But maybe I’m wrong on that one. So maybe you don’t have to attribute any good writing to this movie. Except for “Hey British lady shut up.”

Did you guys like in the beginning when Marky is telling the little kids to get lost and one of the kids gives him some lip so Marky responds “Do you like getting punched in the face?” but didn’t follow up immediately with “No I don’t think so!”? I thought that showed real growth.

Yeah, Barricade (the Decepticon police car) has always had “To punish and enslave” written on it since the first movie. I can’t find an image of it from the movie, but here’s a shot of the toy:

Rough Night? Heavy sigh.

Hey. Somebody lobbied for The Beguiled but couldn’t get any traction for it. Also, Germany.


You’re a good man, Dingus. Also, nice pull on Crazy Joe Davola.

I’ve been on a roll in seeing every movie beforehand, but just couldn’t get myself to do it this time. Good job gents, and I salute to all other people who did as well.

I mean, I get that this is probably a bad movie and not worth seeing, but could you at least use a SPOILER tag? Especially in the very first comment? Sheesh, what little joy I would have gotten from this movie just went out the window.

Andy, you should never ever ever listen to the Qt3 podcast for any movie you intend on seeing! Ever! It will be full of spoilers! But you’re right that maybe there should be a warning label that each episode is intended as a post-viewing debrief.

Sorry if we ruined Transformers. Out of curiosity, what part did we ruin?


No, I ruined it with the first post. I’m so spoiler averse that the idea of someone who was interested in the movie but hadn’t seen it would be clicking into the replies to the podcast hadn’t occurred to me. Sorry.

Also I like that you’re as bad at using the forum software as I am, since neither of us have actually replied to @Andy_Bates. Sorry, Andy.

Quarter to Three Movie Podcast, if that’s your approach it’s gonna be a long summer.

I like to think Gary would be played by that guy from that thing. You know the one.

This was a fun episode. You all seemed to be in a really good mood despite, or perhaps because, of the film choice. Thanks.

Listening to this podcast was fun despite not watching the movie. And now I’ll never have to watch it! Age of Extinction was definitely fun, somehow Michael Bay lucked into making a fun movie, but it must have been pure luck.

This movie makes a “thud” sound when it lands! I dunno if that’s a spoiler. Also, I think they mean @Kelly_Wand when they say “robust business overseas.”

They always do.

Yeah, this one. I just click on the story on Qt3 to see the quick blurb, and the first comment was right below the story. That was what I was complaining about. I haven’t actually listened to the podcast yet, Tom (although I still can’t believe how much you guys liked Age of Extinction!).

Ah, right, that bit. I guess that would be a spoiler if it was a big part of the movie. It’s pretty much just the set-up for the next movie.

[quote=“Andy_Bates, post:20, topic:130350, full:true”](although I still can’t believe how much you guys liked Age of Extinction!).

One thing Last Knight has going for it is that it will greatly increase even the slightest fondness you might have had for Age of Extinction!


I was really surprised at how delighted I was by Age of Extinction as well, given that:

  • I don’t enjoy Transformer movies
  • I don’t enjoy Michael Bay movies
  • I don’t have a particular fondness for Marky Mark

The first part got me hooked with TJ Miller’s antics and then the movie went off the rails a bit, and then it turned into a Stanley Tucci comedy! And that part was sooooo cool. And then the whole giant magnet thing was just plain fun and the action was easy to follow, which isn’t something I can say for any of the other action scenes in most Michael Bay movies.

This week’s egregious 3x3 ruling was that Barton Fink’s ‘Charlie Meadows’ was in fact crying. Someone sobbing alone in a hotel room isn’t just common, it’s expected. The Coens use laughter to begin to paint a picture of madness. By the time a detective is calling Meadows “Mad Man Munt”, is describing his mad murders, and showing a custodial photograph of Munt in which his behaviour is unruly the painting is almost fully realised.

If Goodman’s final appearance in the film was him striding down a corridor, weeping, holding a T-shirt cannon loaded with handerkerchieves like a paramilitary Roman mourner you might have a point.