Qt3 Movie Podcast: Transformers: The Last Knight


I like to think of it more as an executive order.

But really? John “Transformers: The Last Knight” Turturro hears John Goodman laughing? I’m going to trust but verify on this one.



I’ve heard Jeff Goldblum’s laugh was mentioned in 3x3:

Also What is Bayhem? by Every Frame a Painting was there somewhere:


Thank you for reminding me of that, kentwou. Kind of brightened my day.

My favorite version of this is the one @arrendek posted in the 3x3 thread. The 10-Hour version. It’s one of those things that just makes me love the Internet.



There is the 3x3 thread? Man, these forums are a bit convoluted. I thought I was writing a reply to the topic, but replied to Tom’s post instead.


We always post a separate thread for the 3x3 topic for a couple of reasons. One is for searching reasons, but mainly it’s because we have a lot of listeners who skip to the 3x3 without listening to us discuss the movie. Usually this is because they haven’t seen that week’s movie yet, and wish to wait, but sometimes because they’d just rather not.

So a separate 3x3 thread helps those folks avoid spoilers in the main podcast thread.

@marquac created this thread that is hugely valuable in avoiding the convolutedness.