QT3 nerd art, ummm, need more letters....


Late to the party, but this is fab as hell.


Thanks. :)


You have improved soooo much. Are you receiving formal drawing classes? From April to now the improvement is INSANE!

Keep at it. The wrist loses muscle memory fast. I can no longer draw as I used to after years of neglect…


Thanks for the compliment. No classes since college 20 years ago, but I have been doing a lot of studies.

I’m still struggling in some areas (lots) but I am certain I can figure it out. *gazes balefully and hands and hips"


Recent sketches


Love those! The topmost feels like it’d fit right into one of the Mutants & Masterminds sourcebooks I’ve been dabbling with.


The Dead Sea #2


More nerdy fan comic homage from me… been reading Transformers comics my whole life, it was time to give it a shot. IDW-ish in style… it’s very expedient and quick to knock out, turns out.


Well done. That exchange weirdly reminds me of trying to get a 4 year old ready for school.


Love the cartoonish style! That’s super fun :-D


Great job on the perspective for all the robot parts. It all looks spot on to me.


Awesome! Love it!


Wow you guys are good!


Feeling a bit rusty on anatomy at the moment but I figured I’d post this anyway, partially for comparison since I will inevitably destroy it when I attempt to ink it.


Why not make copies and first ink them?


Copy paper kinda sucks to work on. Better to just go for it and make more art. :)


You don’t have to use regular copy paper. There are hundreds of different kinds of paper. And you can buy them in small bunches. Like 10 or 25 sheets. You just have to find the absorption level that you need. Or at least as close as you can get.


Yeah, That’s true and the local print shop could work it out I’m sure. Maybe I’ll look into that. Still, I think sometimes a little bravery can be your best friend in artistic endeavors. That and allowing yourself to fail for the sake of learning.


Even better, get a cheap light table (they’re just a plastic plank with LED light inside, not an actual table like the olden days) and trace out your pencils and ink that.


I actually have a light table that my father used. My mother was going to throw it away after he died. No effen way!