QT3 Secret Santa Part III: Better Than the Last Sequel

Personally, I’m not ready to think about this as it’s only the first week of September, but we kicked off Secret Santa about this early last year, so here we go.

This is our third year. The participants (if I can speak on their behalf) have had a blast with this every year we’ve done it. It’s three months of scaring each other with rumors and half-truths, followed by opening gifts people deduced were good for you out of your forum posts.

(In an unrelated note, Secret Santa is provided “as is”, with no warranties, and confers no rights.)

Here’s the deal:


The cutoff date for participation is October 18.

  1. Anyone interested in being a Secret Santa (and thus also a Santee) posts in this thread with an “I’m in” or something to the same effect. Please indicate in your post whether or not you would be willing to ship a gift internationally.

  2. You can provide for potential Santas to gift things to you either by providing me with your mailing information where you can receive a gift, or by providing me with a URL to an Amazon or Funagain or other such wishlist. This can be done by PM, so only myself (as coordinator) and your Santa will have this information. The wishlist option exists so that the exchange of personal information will NOT be necessary to participate in the exchange. (But it’s generally more fun if you do.)

  3. I will not disclose personal information to anyone other than your Santee unless you expressly tell me it’s OK. In previous years, there were some forumers who were asking for other people’s addresses to surprise them with gifts. Please understand that in order to protect people’s privacy I simply can’t do this.

  4. Wishlists can be either private (only your Santa will see the URL), or public (people here might wish to give gifts to more than one person), at the Santee’s discretion. Plus, we learn cool things about you if you post it publicly.

  5. We’ll keep track of who is in at the top of the thread, just to keep things neat and orderly. You have until October 18th to declare your participation. You then have until the end of October to send me your contact and shipping information. You can send it early if you want.

  6. After the cut-off, I will PM each person with the information needed to gift something to their Santee. Each participant will be responsible for their gift to another. No freeloaders! If you don’t give a gift, we’ll know.

  7. There is a $20 minimum gift value; no maximum.

  8. You can subtly or not-so-subtly talk about things you’d like to get in this thread, although that in no way means you’ll get what you ask for.

  9. When you receive your gift, PM Ryan so he knows you have something, just to make sure.

  10. On Sunday, December 20th, we begin opening gifts. Have a camera ready so you can snap a picture and get it in the thread!

For clarity’s sake, The Schedule:

October 18 - Due date for participation replies in this thread.
November 1 - Due date for contact information in my PM inbox.
November 8 - Due date for my PMs to you with your Santee’s information.
December 13 - You should have your gifts out the door by this date (international gifts should send WAY earlier, just in case)
December 20 - Open your gifts and begin posting.

The List (bold indicates you told me you sent something; italic indicates you told me you received something):

Santa > Santee

Omniscia > Hanzii
Nellie > Cormac
Hanzii > frank austin
VegasRobb > Nellie
TomChick > Rorschach
Bahimiron > Siren
Cat Master > Bahimiron
Equis > shift6
Tyjenks > Troy S Goodfellow
mmalloy > seventimessix
Kid Socrates > Tom Chick
Troy S Goodfellow >
Jon_Danger > Moore
nixon66 > GloriousMess
Kraaze > Ben Sones + Karen
shift6 > Bill Dungsroman
Dean > JPR
Houngan > Drastic
frank austin > Equis
fire > Ryan Markel
Siren > Robert Sharp
Mike O’Malley > Bullhajj
Ryan A > funkula (post 2)
krazykrok > Omniscia
Crater > Acid
Jarmo > Cat Master
Moore > Dean
JPR > Vesper
Bill Dungsroman > Creole Ned
Shmtur > Houngan
extarbags > Kid Socrates
GloriousMess > Jarmo
nlanza > krayzkrok
Cormac > Greedo
Creole Ned > Tyjenks
Acid > cheapfilms
Marged > Enidigm
RobertSharp > XPav
Drastic > Jon_Danger
XPav >
Greedo > Kraaze
seventimessix > Crater
Rorschach > fuzzyslug
Ben Sones/Karen > nixon66
cheapfilms > dwinn
Funkula > Marged
Vesper > fire
ElGuapo > shmtur
Enidigm > nlanza
fuzzyslug > XtienMurawski
dwinn > maygaess
Bullhajj > ElGuapo
XtienMurawski > extarbags
maygaess > mmalloy
Ryan Markel > Ryan A

I’m in(terested), as long as people don’t mind potentially getting a random assortment of stuff. Depending on the person, I may have no idea what the hell to get them, and will wing it.

Also, should we be collecting lists of food allergies and the like? Not that I’m planning on sending peanut brittle to anyone, but if someone did, and the recipient turned out to be allergic to peanuts, it could be a Christmas to remember.

Where are the old threads to relive the horror?

Third time lucky for me please. In what respects I’m not sure, I’ve had a blast every time and, I hope, have given my recipients as much fun as I’ve had out of it.

[edit] In, in other alcohol free words :) And willing to ship internationally.

[LEFT]I doubt I can participate, I’m too scatterbrained and busy with work and kids and all that, so I’d probably leave someone hanging…but I loved reading the previous incarnations of this thread, heart warming stuff. (lame smiley with a thumbs-up). [/LEFT]

I would be too afraid of what someone would send me. Unless you purposely set me up with Dungsroman, because I’ve been waiting months for those pictures.

I’m so in.
I still cherish both my presents - in fact Shaun is protecting my desk right now - and hope I made somebody else happy too.

I’m in. Go go Ryan :)

Internationally is okay too.



I’m in and I’m willing to ship internationally.

I’m in. My wife is playing last year’s present as I type this.

edit: international is cool with me.

I’m in as well, and willing to ship internationally. Unless there’s another Singaporean QT3er around I’m not aware off. (Sol Invictus moved back to Malaysia already.)

Somehow missed this each year and regretted it each time.

Totally IN.

I’m in. I’ll ship internationally.

In! I should do more stuff like this.

I’m in again. Loved the chocolate last year. Int’l shipping is fine.


I am up for it, I’ll not ship internationally.

I’m so in again! Qt3 stalking for gift ideas is great! Oh yea. International is cool with me.