Quakebells - a Qt3 Dwarf Fortress AAR

I swear to god I didn’t make up any of these names they’re pulled right out of the legends screen. Neither names nor genders have been changed and yes I am aware I cannot write.

Unknown - 101

We have been forced to abandon our beloved homeland of The Virginal Pick of the Livid Sack following our unsuccessful defence during the Steamy Siege. Unfortunately the only women we were able to save from the depraved hands of the goblins were Rimbo and Dirt. Their numbers may be limited but Rimbo and Dirt will bear the weight of rebuilding our civilization.

Spring 101

Great success! We have found a location to settle, though frozen it is rich with vegetation and to the north the mountains reign. We shall call our new home “Quakebells the Quandary of the Queens” in remembrance of the final earth shattering moments when the beloved marriage bells crashed through the roof and destroyed our beloved City of the Livid Sack, and of course the… difficulties Rimbo and Dirt shall soon endure.

Summer 101

We have attempted to harvest the horns from the mythical unicorns renowned their properties as aphrodisiacs so that we may be able to begin repopulating but the task has proven itself more difficult than we had originally hoped.

Fall 101

We are not alone! As I write this Rimbo and Dirt kneel praising the mountain for a band of refugees has come wandering through asking to trade for food for the road. They were offered a place of honor in our hall if they stayed but after their women saw the look in Extarbags eyes quickly refused and retreated, the strawberries we had intended to offer left sullied on the ground.

Winter 101

The cold is unbearable, water freezes! Did you know that? We shall see what we can do about the situation as the booze is running low.

Spring 102

I think we may have chanced upon the answer to the hellish cold that froze our booze supply. Almost exactly after the death of NoWayJose the ice melted freeing our booze stockpile , as sad as it is it say if the cold comes again someone else may need to die to free our booze.

Summer 102

Those dam cannibal tree huggers have arrived. They claim they want to trade for our turtles but Chick has decided that as a matter of self defense we have no alternative but to collapse the roof of the depo on them, crushing their valuables as well as their disgusting faces.

I’m gonna take a break here and eat, so enjoy.

I see shirts and rings take up as much space as donkeys.

As much space as a bronze colossus too, but only visually. For fighting at least size comes into account, or at least will in the next release.

LOL, you killed all the elves in an elven caravan? It will all end in tears!

Did you see my awesome floor engraving spelling out Q23 on the first floor of the large building? Took ages :)

Fall 102

A group of refuges has arrived, one among them shall be the first to die

Winter 102

We have tapped the magma pipe and have rerouted it to our forges and our moat. Kalle has also completed construction on our special “waste” disposal plant and after a quick tally it was decided she was also to be the first to feed the winter beast. Cries were heard across fort in mourning for her, but I cannot help but feel as if she deserved it. She did nothing in life to help us, why not save us in death? The test was a success in the end though, in fact as before the cold left the land immediately after her death.

Marcin were you volunteering to go next or just to enter your name? It looks to me like you just want your name in. In any case here you go Kalle/Marcin

Toss my name in as a soldier when it gets to that. Axedwarf or Marksdwarf for preference.

I both love and hate this game… I’ve been trying to figure it out for the last couple weeks or so but I always end up never getting any migrants to come. Smoothed walls, plenty of food, plenty of jobs to do, heck even rooms furnished ready and waiting yet no one will come… So I guess I’ll settle with living vicariously through the adventures this place gets up to :)

I think trade plays a big part in getting new immigrants. Build a road to your trade depot and sell as much stuff as you can. That should help matters.

According to the wiki its based on the created wealth value of the fortress and then that value getting communicated back via the dwarven caravan. But it has no information on what wealth value you need to reach to cause immigrants to show up. I’m liking the location of my current fortress quite a lot though (magma pool, obsidian all over, various ore’s to play with) so I’ll stick it out and see what happens.

Just the name :) Although if we run out of playing volunteers I could take a year. It’d be a year of doom, mind you …

Ok, someone should take over!?

In accounting, that’s called Retained Earnings. It’s kinda neat to see RE playing such a fundamental role in a game.

I’ll take over after Kalle. I didn’t volunteer earlier because I didn’t think the fort would last a year without being perma-flooded.

Just sayin’

No word from Kalle yet. First to call it here gets the next turn. Gogogogogogo! Let’s get this baby moving!

My impression has definitely been that you get more immigrants when you sell the caravans created goods, rather than goblin detritus from invasions. My fortresses have very high created wealth from all the top-quality dwarven syrup roasts etc. I stockpile, but the immigrants only flood in when I use brown-text items to pay the caravan, so I reason that must be the trigger.

I dunno I think we should give him a day or two, after all I did end up killing the character named after him (sorry about that, fisherdwarf+animal trainer was a bad combo).

Oh, sorry guys. I haven’t been paying attention and I’m going out of town for a couple of days. I can pick it up this weekend most likely but feel free to jump in ahead of me.

No problem!

So Icehole if you can finish by the weekend I guess you`re up.

Sweet I’ll get going in the morning.

Hmmm. I’ll have to give that a try. Actually, that just gave me a thought. Perhaps when the wiki states that the chance of immigrants showing up being based on your created wealth value being communicated back, that this communication is done only by the goods you send back through the caravan.

Unfortunately it will have to wait for next season as the dwarven caravan has just left with nary an item from me… But on the bright side it gives me a year to churn out a pile of stuff for next year :)