Quarter To Three Movie Club - NOV 2018/Europa Report - Spoilers Allowed!!


Oh you got my vote, no worries about that ;)


As things stand, with 36 hours left for nominations:

In Alphabetical Order:

Better Luck Tomorrow (2002) – Malkav11

Blue Is the Warmest Colour (2013) – Juan_Raigada

Brazil (1985) – CraigM

Europa Report (2013) – Marquac

Forbidden Planet (1956) – Divedivedive

Get Carter (1971) – Navaronegun

Perfume: The Story of a Murderer (2006) – Lordkosc

Sweet Smell of Success (1957) – Gordon_Cameron

The Hudsucker Proxy (1994) – Matt_W

The Lady in White (1988) – Mark_Asher


By the way, is one of those magic links available for The Blade? It’s not showing up anywhere this side of the pond other than as a £20+ import DVD.


Dang I didn’t think about it, but I just checked, and it seems there are two English DVDs: a very poor older one, and another edition by Warner, seemingly based on the French HK edition, which features somewhat exotic subtitles (translation from a translation never goes well, and the Frecnh subs were exhibiting some weird adaptation choices). Although I’d argue the movie can be watched without paying any attention to the story, if it is near impossible to find online, I’ll just withdraw my mention, and try to look up beforehand and pay attention to that aspect next time.


I just noticed my movie I nominated is no longer on Netflix. And $80 on Amazon, lol.

@Navaronegun , can I re-vote for another movie? If so I pick:

Which is on Amazon as a free Prime rental. :)


Or for those of us with no access to it, we can buy the book!


Yes, I’ll edit it.


Now your list isn’t alphabetical. :D


Don’t make me get my Boomstick out…


Dadgummit. I’m pretty sure it won’t get the votes, but I’m going to throw in again for one of my favorite films.


I want my choice to win this time, but once that’s done I’ll gladly vote for this, haven’t seen it in a while.


My nomination, peak Herzog:


Better Luck Tomorrow down, three more unseen nominations to go.


??? This beefuddles me, Ginger?




I didn’t understand what your post meant/referred to.


Pretty self evident, I’d have thought. Just watched Better Luck Tomorrow, now there’s only three more films in the list I haven’t seen yet.


Gotcha. I am the opposite. if they get nominated, I won’t watch them unless they are eliminated. I try to maintain the pleasure of a first watch for Movie Club if I can.


My rental queue is running low, so I’m taking suggestions wherever I can get 'em.


Nominations will be open for a few more hours. I plan on closing them and starting the first round of elections soon. Just a reminder for everyone!