Quarter To Three Movie Club - October 2018 Film is Tokyo Story - Spoilers Allowed!!

I mean it got me to watch two movies I otherwise would not have.

I did finish Hudson Hawk too.

So I hope the club keeps going with a nice diverse series of choices. Because while as much as I could be a good sport about @Juan_Raigada’s Joan of Arc pick, i wouldn’t want it only to be old foreign art films!

Oh dear, to think it could have won :O

I will say this, to it’s credit.

It inspired my next nominee,

Don’t forget to do it in-thread after 01 NOV.

The plan next month is:

Nominations: 01-03 NOV
Round 1 Voting 04-06 NOV
Round 2 Voting 07-09 NOV
Viewing 10-20 NOV
Discussion 20-30 NOV

I pretty much agree with all your points @Nesrie, and that’s part of why I really appreciated this movie. Just like the TV series is analogous to a novel, (or an anthology, depending on the format of the TV series), the movie is like a short story. The filmmaker doesn’t have very much time to get you to experience something or think about something. In that short time you have to introduce the characters from scratch, and then develop things in a way to move the viewer. So I was really impressed that this movie actually got me to contemplate so many different things, as discussed in this thread. Not just kids getting busy with their own lives and not appreciating their parents, but also selfishness, and love, and politeness, and the masks we put on, and the lies we tell, and so quite a bit besides.

Yes, exactly this. Well said.

That was a nomination that I actually didn’t want to get picked. Silent films are hard.

I will nominate a French film next, but one that is very recent, full of energy, and has probably the best acting I’ve seen performed this decade (and the movie itself is one of the best experiences I’ve had in a theater, enough to see it three times in a week, something I almost never do). Basically a polar opposite of this movie except for the non-mainstream part.

For me American films are foreign ;P

So are French ;)

They are European, which is close enough for me (I see no significant cultural differences, most continental European stuff feels extremely relatable -so much more than American films, except those portraying young people in NYC-).

There are some Spanish movies I will nominate later in the Movie Club, but while there are some excellent contemporary choices, the very best are from the 70s or 80s, and thus are very context dependent (dictatorship and such…). I do need to think hard before coming up with an Spanish choice.

Would Biutiful be considered a Spanish film?

It is considered one, it’s a co-production (so dual nationality). But that’s formally (and it allowed it to opt for Spanish Academy awards).

I liked it a lot, but it’s also very flashy and very specific to Iñarritu’s style. In that sense it does not fell Spanish at all (whatever that means), it feels specific to the director, but not to a culture.

Probably in the same vein a lot of Wong Kar Wai stuff is, perhaps, not specifically Hong Kongese, but his own stuff.

Personally I think I am going to nominate a film by a director best known for some of the later Fast and Furious movies.

I dunno. When the first city shots happened I didn’t think at first that it could be Tokyo, because surely it wouldn’t look that modern and un-firebombed in the early 50s.

Well, I did exempt our particular discussion group from a lot of that. I do think it isn’t necessarily obvious.

Hmmm, now you have me guessing, but I’ve only seen a few recent French films. Raw?

I used to watch a lot of French films back in the 90s. But I haven’t seen one since the early 2000s. I think the last one I saw was Amelie. I’ll look forward to any French movie nominations. I always enjoyed them back in the 90s.

Nope. Only 2 days to find out :)

Same, and I hope this extends to animated films too because I think they’re often sorely overlooked and unnecessarily lumped with kiddie fodder.

Ok, good. I hate horror films*. I do try to be fair, and open, for purposes of this club, but horror is pushing my willingness to do so pretty far. It is also the only genre where that would be the case, where the genre itself prevents me from fairly analyzing and commenting on the movies.

@geggis you will find me more than happy to go with animated. On top of having two kids, I also recognize how brilliant many Pixar films are. I also enjoy Miyazaki and certain types of anime in general, so I’m game.

*mostly. Some of the psychological thrillers, a la Silence of the Lambs, work for me.

I wouldn’t call Silence of the Lambs a horror film. It’s a straight up thriller.

Sure, but it occasionally gets lumped there. I mention it because, while it does have some of the thematic elements of horror, it’s nature as a thriller makes the movie enjoyable.

Generally the only thing horror adjacent I enjoy is thrillers like that, so it serves as a good demarcation point for me.