"Race realism"? It's toxic racist crap. Let's discuss why.


You were SO NOT alone in that.


I am an atheist. Fuck you, and go to hell.


Uhhh, I have no idea where you got that idea. I’d rather not relive that whole drama, but you couldn’t be more wrong.

And please do me a favor – I’m asking this personally and not as a moderator – and keep your opinions about Islam to yourself. I find them offensive in the same way I find someone farting in an elevator offensive. They’re allowed to do it, sure, but it would be a lot nicer for everyone involved if they didn’t.



This was so much of a better idea than just shutting it down immediately in the movie thread. You know, by following the rules of the forum. Kudos mods.



I just want to say that I respect your opinions and value your input on this forum. I think everyone does. But I think the aggression can be grating. I apologize if I came off as rude.

Who is marginalizing her on here?


Okay, while the little “replying” icon isn’t lit up, I’m going to close the thread until tomorrow. We’re pretty much all friends in here, and I think it would behoove everyone to step back, take a breath, and then decide later whether and how the discussion should continue.


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A bigger factor on your intelligence is that you mom didn’t feed you enough growing you.


All Hope Abandon, ye who enter this thread.


Might I suggest a different question:
What is a possible good that would come from this discussion?

If there was a genetic difference in intelligence (on some arbitrary decision on what intelligence is) what possible good comes from bringing that knowledge into the world?

Perhaps one set of people have natural selected to have, on aggregate 5% better spacial reason. But maybe in doing so they are 5% worse at playing attention while driving.

The whole general thing is that as the environment and society change we want a diverse population that can adapt to those changes.

The idea that we should try and measure tiny slices of the attributes of groups of people is generally unhealthy for society unless it’s about identifying and mitigating risks like genetic disease issues that can save people and strengthen our diversity.


What, lets have a frank discussion of how nutrition impacts brain development, especially in poorer nations, or places that have poor diets.

I thought you wanted a frank discussion.

Anyway, it’s been stated multiple times, that variations within a group are far greater than the variations between the groups. Seriously, do you just ignore all the discussions we’ve had already?




Oh man, I’d love to see the data you have to back that up.

Cause I’m sure the KKK, the Nazis, and other white supremacists groups would subscribe to your news letter if you did!


I would say that this is extremely unlikely, except in the cases of mutations which result in major changes in brain function.

Most of what you consider “intellectual characteristics” are a factor of what you have learned, encoded in the neural connections that have formed in your brain as a result of experience.

If there were some inherited cognitive faculty, it wouldn’t be something like the types of physical characteristics you inherit like height. It would be something more akin to some minor variation in the ain’t of fast twitch muscle fiber.

That means that while it’s possible that you could inherit some very minor modification of neural functionality (although i have never seen science to support such an idea), any effect would be trivial in terms of manifested cognition.

Your intellectual characteristics are going to be almost entirely a result of your experiences, and the conditions (such as nutrition) when you are developing as a child.


Sure, that why we had a Eugenics movement. That was a great idea /s.


That is exactly not what anyone thinks.

It is “everyone is different in different ways so if you want to know something about someone you will have to get to know them and see who they are instead of assuming based on one or a few superficial traits”

This is why racists/sexists/etc all talk differently about people they know versus groups that those people might belong in.


But i don’t think there’s really much mechanism by which this could occur, on a genetic level, that works impact higher level cognitive function.

The mechanism by which you might achieve what you are talking about, would exist on a societal level. That is, groups of humans would potentially favor certain types of thought, and this teach it to children, but this wouldn’t be based on genes.


We already have extreme examples of it, where totally normal children have been raised outside of human society, and as a result have entirely different cognitive abilities as a result.