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Been practicing on Seca and I’m getting it down pretty well. I keep on locking up on the corkscrew, but after watching some videos it’s because I’m just jamming on the brakes. Trail breaking isn’t something I’m great at so I’ll have to work on it. I’m pretty sure I would be confident enough to try racing that track by the time it comes up.

I’m assuming you are running the same cars?

Yes. This whole season will be any of the 2018 or 2019 WTCR cars.

Then in the off-season we test a bunch of different car classes and then vote for next year’s car.

Our season three was in open wheel cars and some guys still have PTSD from that year so I think the early favourites for next season is the GT4 class.

Ya I’ve been playing f1 2020 this week and dear god I suck at F1 cars.

Worth noting that Laguna Seca is our second and final endurance event of the season. Instead of a 25 minute feature race and then 15 minute reverse grid race, it’ll be just one, one-hour race.

This season we run 1x tyre wear but 2x fuel. We require a compulsory pitstop in all races and you must changes at least two tyres for the pitstop to count, but with an hour of racing you’ll probably need fuel also.

That’s okay, so does Ferrari.

Right now I’m at 1:31.5 with the 2019 Audi. The fastest lap with that car is in the 1:28’s so I’m not horribly off. I really love that track.

Well, we ran our Moscow event and I still have the championship lead… by one point. This means another 10kilos of ballast, so I’ll be hauling a bit over 207lbs of extra weight around Laguna whenever that race happens.

The worst part of ballast is coming out of slow corners onto long straights, so the run from turn 11 all the way to the Andretti Hairpin is going to be soul crushing.

It was pretty much 40 solid minutes of nose-to-tail racing for me tonight, which means I should be able to get to sleep at about 4am.

A real gaggle launching through turn two on lap one.

It looks like our Laguna race will be sometime around the end of August - the 23rd and 30th both currently have the most votes.

As a result, the Laguna leaderboard should start to fill up with Racing Dork times over the next couple weeks. Ignore anything that isn’t the TCR 18 or 19.

For reference, Teddy and Diego are front runners in the league (and Zac can be any time he has time to practice), so if you’re around their times you’ll be threatening the podium. Sam has a win last season and a podium this year and routinely finishes fourth-to-sixth. His time will get faster than where it is now.

Race laps will be much slower - we’ll be fat with fuel, the faster drivers will be hauling ballast around, the tyres will be degrading and there will be traffic… so average lap time drop off between the leaderboard and the race is usually over a second - more on a long track like Laguna.

If you want to join in, then PM me an email address and I’ll send an invite for the league’s Slack.

So, over at the Dwarf Fortress forums, someone’s running an Automation Let’s Play. (You may remember Automation from its engine designer, or possibly from its more recent campaign modes and its Starsector-like pace of development, but either way, it’s a tycoon game about building cars and a car company around them.)

Sometime between the last time I opened Automation several years ago and today, they added a exporter, and BeamNG added the Automation test track. When you finish designing a car, Automation gives you a simple top-down view of the test track, some telemetry from the car, and a time. Obviously, there was only one thing to do.

The 1960 Baron sedan features a tremendously large 142hp V8, two tons of steel, and a suspension designed with a decided preference for comfort over cornering. Oh, and because the rear brakes can easily overwhelm the rear tires’ grip, the rears lock if you brake too hard, at which point the rears become the fronts.

That was a fun watch!

In other news, coming today for ACC is the GT4 Pack.

11 different GT4 cars, along with the GT4 ruleset and competitions for single player. Also now multiclass racing in multiplayer.

I love GT4s. Love them. A car class where one car has a 1.8l turbo and another has a 6.3l V8? Sign me up!

I am so here for the GT4 content. Hopefully I get on well with the modern Alpine, because it is one of my favourite historic cars in the DiRT Rally series.

That Alpine is a sexy looking little thing. I’m so tempted by the Camaro though, just to experience driving a six litre V8 wardrobe.

Why does every motorsport/sim-racing Youtuber have the same voice and delivery?

If you think Chris Haye sounds like Dave Perel sounds like Jimmy Broadbent then… I am confused.

I have never watched racing YouTube, but when I’ve been unlucky enough to hear any gaming YouTuber’s voice while trying to find some “no commentary” walkthrough video, they’ve always been almost exactly the same as each other. “wwwwWHAT’S UP everybodyyyy”.

Gaming youtube is filled with smashthatlikebutton stuff for sure, but I presume Fishbreath means something else, because Chris Haye sounds like a Smooth FM DJ whose show is on at two in the morning.

To my ear, at least, Chris Haye sounds exactly like Chain Bear, and several other F1-content Youtube creators to boot.

Oh aye, that’s fair enough. I can pick up the differences, but they’re quite subtle. You can probably throw in people like Joylon Palmer and Jack Nicholls for professional commentators who also sound similar.

Motor racing has a heavy presence in England and almost all of it is where the money is, so you’re going to end up with lots of people with a southern/home counties accent. Either that or we all sound alike.

I’ll be sure to watch David Perel’s impressions of the beet-a later tonight.