Rage 2 - Bethesda and Avalanche witness me


Ending speculation that Beth would buy them for now.



Well that certainly SOUNDS great…


You better get ready to die! You better get ready to kill!:D




Yes I do want that very much right now please and thank you.


I’m completely up for this. I’m up for something that’s not too serious, among Metros and Laras and Dying Lights which are all so dark and edgy.



Man that has me hyped up for Borderlands 3 so bad. Gonna have to do another run through 2 while we wait.


I refuse to watch these videos because I just want to be amazed when I play this for the first time. I saw enough at E3. :)


TGA Trailer with release date:


This is one of the games I built a new PC for. May can’t come soon enough.


Highlighting the Ubi open worldness of the game with the map icons kind of killed it for me. I’m already lined up with more shooters than I’ll be able to enjoy next year, so I’m almost certainly skipping this one now.


Oh, they are going for that angle. Their single player in the last years haven’t sold a ton, and what other single players have been successful in the market? Ubi games. So they are learning hard in that direction with this game.

There was a comment in E3 times where they said it was potentially a 100 hour game that made me go ‘uh??’ but it makes sense if it’s going to be more Ubi style.


Yeah icon bloat is the opposite of appealing.

I also wonder what the hell is wrong with their art directors? Why do they insist on putting that disgusting greent tint filter on both JC4 and Rage 2? it makes these games look so bad.

Gameplay itself could be fun - seems like it. And I liked the song in the trailer, what is it?


Something I wanted to comment is how they insist in that the game has the id gunplay. I wonder if people are blind, because the action, while looking much better than Just Cause, it’s still clearly not at the same level of Doom, in polish and feedback.


GMG updated the DRM section of Rage 2’s store page to mention Bethnet rather than Steam, and the game is pre-purchaseable on Bethesda’s store as a Bethnet download, which I suppose shouldn’t be a huge surprise given Fallout 76’s exclusivity.


Guess I won’t be playing this in PC. Easy come easy go.


Oh wow. Bethesda really intent on pushing their shitty store. Glad I wasn’t much interested in this, but new Arkane games not being on steam is gonna suck.


I have not yet used the Bethesda store, is it really that bad?