Railway Empire - Railroad Tycoon from Kalypso

Just maps, weather and a day-and-night-switch. Weather is tied to the maps though (in the campaign). The DLC really isn’t needed for any first playthrough.

I’d be careful with this. For me this would undermine the game’s strength and appeal.
Although there is more UI trouble coming later.

I can’t even imagine.

That wouldn’t leave enough game for me, I don’t think.

I actually found a good text and photo based tips guide:

Nice, thanks again!

I think I’ve been confused by how to build good signal set-ups in just about every train game I’ve ever played. And Railway Empire has me confused again. Unfortunately, @lordkosc, that guide is almost completely useless for someone like me, because I don’t know what situations he’s trying to build for or what the result is of what he’s illustrated. If anyone knows of a much more rudimentary guide, I’d appreciate it. As of right now, I know how to build the type of “passing lane” that they showed me in the tutorial. And it looks like maybe if I just put a stop signal in every entry point of an intersection, then the trains will do the best possible thing?

Put 1 stop on each end, with a BLOCK symbol, and you will notice the track become directional.

Also every signal you place on a line, becomes a blocker of sorts, so the train if it can will advance to the next signal, as long as there is no incoming train.

@lordkosc linked this upthread and I thought it was incredibly useful for exactly what you’re asking, hopefully it’ll help you out too:

@vinraith – That video WAS very helpful. Thanks for reposting it.

I’m having a great time with this game. Outside of the first Railroad Tycoon, I think it plays as well as any train game I’ve come across. I especially appreciate that (unlike, for example, the similar Rise of Industry) it’s not next-to-impossible to make a profit. I feel like a lot of these transport games like to put a lot of friction in the systems to force you to be really efficient. Not this game (so far) and I love it for that!

I’m working on the third scenario (crossing the Mississippi). I have to get lumber to the city on the Mississippi to get access to the other side. And Toledo (my starting city) has a lumber factory. I’m feeding it wood as quickly as I can now, but I can’t seem to generate any lumber to export. I assume I’m not generating enough to overcome the city’s native consumption–although I know I technically am doing so now, just maybe by not quite enough? The capacity of the lumber factory is really small (1.6). Will something cause it to increase?

The thing that frustrated me the most is being limited to 8 cars. I begged the developers on release to re-visit this so we had more realistic trains and it would also mean we could cut down on traffic. They wouldn’t do it. 8 cars is so lame, as one of the most grandiose things about these types of games was the joy of seeing a huge diesel engine pulling 24+ cars of ore. The fact this isn’t a thing degrades some of the biggest thrills I get of this genre.

Like @Nightgaunt I’m really enjoying this one (and expect I will be for awhile), but this does make me curious what your preferred alternative train game is. Apparently I’ve been missing the genre more than I’d realized!

Apparently all I had to do was ask the question, and then my industry started cranking out enough lumber for export! My instinct was right, I think–when you feed in enough supply of raw resources, then the industry will increase its capacity–I just didn’t wait long enough!

Ironically, the city I need to feed lumber to for the scenario got an open industry slot and I popped in a lumber factory there and that made the whole thing MUCH easier. So I don’t need the lumber from Toledo, but now I’ve learned how the systems work, so… cool!

Thanks for sharing that, I’m definitely still foggy on the city development aspects of the game.

Huh. The reason I gave up on RoI was that I found it almost trivial to make a profit and once i had some higher tier industry i had no incentive to keep playing.

You were probably better at it than I was! I kept finding the costs of running trucks chewed up my profits!

Railroad Tycoon IV which doesn’t exist LOL. My overall favorite of all time was RRT2, followed by RRT3.

I loved RRT2, though I don’t think I could deal with the track laying at this point in my life. I missed RRT3 entirely because, at the time, I couldn’t get it to run on my computer. :(

The developers implied strongly in the comments on Steam that this would be one of those bundles where, if you already owned part of it, it would give you a discount on the rest.

Yeah I figured so, I still have a few dlc I don’t own.