Random obsolete technologies to reminisce about


Did you run that w/ safesearch disabled?



Be kind, rewind.


The wife has a handcrafted sign in the kitchen. It says, Be Kind. I told her that I wanted a Rewind sign under it. She was not amused.




The sign is a bit of a giveaway. You once found one of these in every 7-11.



I guess you could call that an antenna rotor.
Now this is an antenna rotor:

The rotating tower is the tall-looking one in the back


I didn’t have one of those on top of my television though, so it’s hard to reminisce about that.

Here’s one of my very favorite toys as a child:

Back when super soakers were weapons of mass destruction.



My parents had one, and as a kid, I was wondering perpetuously what that thing was. So it was just a record adapter!


This thread made me realize that I never actually knew why 45s had a big hole. So I googled it:

I’ve been trying to find a closeup photo of a 1960s record player with the 16 2/3 RPM setting but no luck so far. I think I once had a set of Morse code training records that were actually played at 16 2/3.


download (9)



That reminds me, I know I’ve told the story of how I went to see Hot Fuzz during a showing by Edgar Wright, Simon Pegg and Nick Frost. These showings were double features, paired with a movie that Wright considered an inspiration to Hot Fuzz. During the showing I saw we watched Bullitt first, and I still remember how the whole place busted up laughing during the highly dramatic telecopier scene:


Lovely, this evokes to me those occasional 70s episodes of Columbo where the murder was articulated around some “high-tech” gimmick of the time, like CCTV or answering machines - featuring props straight out of Bioshock.


Early mammogram machine? Ball warmer?


I suppose you could buy one on eBay and try…

Here’s another clue:


The person taking that picture obviously never used one of those modems, since you needed to jam the phone receiver down hard so the rubber ears are supposed to cover the mic and speaker, ensuring you had a good connection (and ensuring the phone wouldn’t fall or get knocked off by accident).


True, if you wanted to get full use of your 0.00000003 gigabit pipe.


Here’s one that’s not really obsolete to me, since I still use it. In fact I love my Ti-85, purchased around 1995.