Random thought thread!


Is there a name for that trope where, in a TV series, a long-hated character is suddenly made relatable or likeable for the very first time in one episode and then gets killed off at the very end of that same episode?


Like this?



I love stuff that originates in Kayfabe and Wrestling terminology. Not a wrestling maniac, but that stuff just kills me.


Here ya go.



Awesomeness. And you are right. You only do a Heel-Face Turn if you want the Heel to have audience sympathy. For whatever reason (in terms of plot advancement).


Darth Vader in RoTJ. Ultimate Heel-Face Turn.



So I sat here tonight, playing Twilight Struggle. And in my mind, I sang:

“A little ditty, ‘bout Iraq and Iran. Two Middle Eastern states doin’ the best. They. Can.”


I don’t find orange people very attractive, but becoming orange seems to be the default modus operandi for everyone…


I’m going to kill my neighbor’s dog for barking too much every time anyone or a car goes by.

Edit: I’m going to cover the solar panel of my neighbor’s solar powered motion-detect bark-noise-making device, which she has installed in her flower bed to scare away the rabbits, which dig and eat her flowers. It’s not that loud, but it’s annoying and I like the rabbits.


If she doesn’t want rabbits eating her flowers, she shouldn’t plant flowers.


I used to fight the slugs that ate my strawberries until my friend said “you don’t need fewer slugs, you need more strawberries.”


Get them drunk. The slugs, not the strawberries. Put out jar lids full of beer. Or at least that’s what my uncle Dom did.


Firefly larvae feed on slugs. I stopped doing the beer thing after I found out about that. There are already so few fireflies in my neighborhood due to pesticide use, that I figured I could live with a few slugs.


Makes sense. In Brooklyn I had a backyard full of fireflies. I loved them. Miss them here.


The problem with biological control, I figure, is this: For every firefly, you need 10 slugs to support it. For every slug that’s 10 strawberries to support it. So every firefly is worth 100 strawberries. It makes me happy to see them, but it still means that every adult firefly I see means there were a bunch of slugs around who ate all my strawberries.

The only foolproof way to eliminate slugs from my garden has been to stop growing strawberries.

Number of Strawberries * 10 = Number of Slugs

If Number of strawberries is 0, number of slugs is 0.



Isn’t the solution to breed fireflies?


But that’s just asking for more slugs so my firefly breeding program is succesful.


What’s if you got regular flies but just like set them on fire?