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Navaronegun Approved!

EDIT: He’s spending more time in than out, lately.


We both know that will lead to this:




It could get worse for you.


Since last year we have had lizards in the yard, the small kind that hide when you go out. And we seem to have fewer slugs and snails. I don’t know if that is coincidence or not.


We are surrounded by lizards year round. As such we never have bugs in the house. Once in a blue moon we get a big roach, but never the little ones. OTOH we do often have a lizard or two running around inside. No problem, keep eating the nasties and you have a home with us.


The lizards are a fairly new thing in this neighborhood. I am not sure where they came from but several neighbors have mentioned them. aside from the cats bringing them in the house I kinda like having them around.


Heh. At night I am lulled to sleep by male lizards trying to get laid. They chirp like birds.



I will have to listen for that.


Geckos guarantee 15% or more pest eradication or your money back.

Btw I never get tired of saying this, if you have a German roach problem (the small ones), Advion will take care of it. It is relatively new (2005?) and it is … a miracle. This is not the roach pesticides of olden times.

Too bad there doesn’t exist an equivalent for mosquitoes. Stupid bald eagles, I miss DDT. We still had mosquitoes thought so maybe DDT isn’t that great either.


In the 60s my mother, brother and I would visit my aunt in Addison, IL. Once a week ‘the smoke truck’ would drive up the street. It was a DDT sprayer. The folks would run out to get us and bring us in the house. There was some vague fear that breathing in the ‘smoke’ might not be good for kids.

Narrator: It wasn’t good for anything.

Edit: It was good for breeding resistant skeeters. And fucking up bird egg shells.


The Osprey…


During the drought we actually had an influx of some new breed of mosquitoes that actually winter here. Mosquitoes in the city used to be a rare thing but now come summer it is very common out where I live. They are trying to fight them by releasing sterile male mosquitoes, hoping they will try to breed themselves into oblivion.


I for one welcome our new Mosquito Overlords.


I feel like @krayzkrok might know something here! 🤫



The only thing I know about Larrimah is that’s a very strange and spooky place. Driven through it a few times (the main highway from Darwin to Alice Springs passes through it), stopped at the Pink Panther once while my wife grabbed a drink, got the hell out again ASAP. Yeah, no.


Pet gaming peeve. I play Twilight Struggle fairly often on Steam, and there is one opponent, who is very well matched with me. I think we hae been playing “rematches” for at least 4 months against each other. Anyway he does one thing that annoys me.

Anytime I make a simple error (or sometimes a gamble) he asks me “Why?” in the chat function.
“Why did you coup in Central America? South America’s scoring card hadn’t been played?”

Because I hate winning!!! WTF!!!


Obviously he hasn’t read Sun Tzu, never interrupt an enemy when they are making a mistake.


So if a meteorite falls from the sky and hits you, and assuming you live, who owns it? You, or the landlord who owns the roof the thing came through? Or the government?