Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart - Now you're thinking with rifts

After reading the positive Eurogamer and Kotaku reviews, I’m happy enough to enjoy this one through others’ enjoyment of the game. Definitely not for me. I’ll check with my brother again though, see if he can spare his PS3 slim yet. I’d love to play A Crack in Time again.

What put you off as someone who like the earlier game? Reviews I saw made it sound like it’s more of the same.

I recently finished the PS4 Ratchet & Clank, and by the end was very tired of the same old formula. It didn’t do anything really interesting like the time puzzle challenges and the little mini-planets in Crack in Time. And Rift Apart sounds like more of the same, which is fine, it’s more of the same of what people like, nothing wrong with that.

I generally avoid pre-orders for games, but the girlfriend is excited for this and reviews are good. We plan to sit down this Friday or Saturday for some old-fashioned bolt collecting. Mmm, that’s a top-tier sound.

I’ve pre ordered, too. I’ve only ever done it with Insomniac games but they’ve earned my trust. Several of the reviews I’ve seen have mentioned that there is incredible sound design and use of the Sony 3D audio. I’ve been thinking it will apply to the jingling bolts, too, and really looking forward to putting on some headphones and immersing myself.

I hope they pre-load the Day One patch automatically! I am definitely planning on doing my play through in Performance RT mode.

I think they already did. My pre-load got an update.

Aha! Thanks, I just checked and mine did, too. 5 hours ago. I could just leave it on the pre-load screen and listen to that ambient Mark Mothersbaugh music for the next 1 day 13 hours …

Spin of all places has an article up about the game.

I thought Apple would drown out all talk of this game?

Hey. That’s a former student of mine. Nice guy.

They did. On Monday. Don’t be a jerk.

Been watching a couple streamers play through the game this morning on Twitch, looks like a lot of fun. If I had a PS5 this would definitely be the first game I’d pick up.

I’d agree, except that Miles Morales was incredible. Too short, but oh so sweet.

37 minutes left until unlock! And another patch just downloaded.

No on tried this yet? I’m stuck out of town away from my PS5 so have been unable to try yet.

Played about an hour this morning and it’s great so far. It’s more Ratchet and Clank so if you like that you’ll love this. If you’re looking for some new innovations this isn’t really that. The new portal gimmick is mostly just that, a gimmick so manage your expectations accordingly. I last played one of these on the PS3 so this is really hitting a sweet spot for me but I could see if you’re burned out on these games this won’t change your mind. Oh and it’s freaking gorgeous. Were talking playable Pixar movie territory. I guess cutscenes are a thing of the past, now it’s just game engine you watch and game engine you play.

Yeah I snuck 40 minutes or so in, it’s looks and sounds amazing. They do some interesting trigger stuff like Returnal did, though a bit different. Seems real good so far but super early.

I played for about an hour. Looks great. Plays like R&C. I got a hard lock when I accidentally fell to my death. Had to unplug my PS5 and reboot. :(

Soooo shiny.

I spent a couple of hours playing this last night. I did choose Performance RT mode after watching the most recent Digital Foundry video that discussed the trade offs. They seem to be pretty definitively worth it. And it does, in fact look incredible. Visually stunning, one could even say. If one were an animal.

In digging through the settings I was surprised to see that there was not only a “headphones” audio setting, but one specifically for the Sony Pulse 3D headphones. I have those, so I picked it, but I have no idea what it adds. On some level it tickles me that the in house Sony studio developed audio specifically for the headphones I have. On the other hand, that’s some Apple level walled garden stuff 😂

Gameplay seems pretty much the same as it ever was. Which I’m all in on. The weapons seem fun so far. I preordered so I started with the Pixelizer but I find I mostly use the pistol in rapid fire mode while strafing. It works for me. The adaptive trigger stuff seems a lot more subtle to me than I expected, based on my experience with the pack in Astro Bot game.

I’ve been loving it. I upgraded the enforcer as much as I can and it’s my favorite to use right now. The pistol also gets really good as it levels up through use and becomes a spread shot.