Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart - Now you're thinking with rifts

Exploring the gunplay’s great so far. The hard difficulty’s just right for me. I’ll lose some fights, and my SO can watch and give helpful advice to drop a Mr. Fungi, which I really will forget every time when left to my own panicking devices.

My one disappointment is that bolt sounds no longer sing. I haven’t found an option to turn them up, either. I guess that keeps the door opening to replaying earlier games.

If you are deep into a map is there a fast way to warp back to your ship?

I’ve only seen a purple pad that gets placed on some stages once you’ve completed enough (maybe always the main story quest). I don’t know of a general mechanism to warp back to your ship from anywhere.

Finished the story, working on Platinum trophy in Challenge mode.

upgraded Ryno is a fun Easter Egg gun


Summons in things from many Sony games

K thanks

I’m playing the remake of the first game and it seems surprisingly dated. Should I stick with it? I imagine it opens up quite a bit?

I didn’t enjoy it. Play a better game instead.

Getting close to the end now. The Lightning Gun and the Glove of Doom are becoming favorites, but my maxxed out Enforcer remains a security blanket. I got a bit frustrated on one of the last Clank puzzle rooms when I had a power sphere disappear on me. I’d see that happen a couple times and didn’t want to start over, so having the “skip puzzle” option from the pause menu is really nice.

The sound effects from the enemies with the lightning gun and the freeze gun always amuse me. The Peacemaker is what I turn to when I realize I’m really low health from trying to level up all the other weapons. But what a variety! I didn’t expect there to end up being more than two selection wheels of guns.