Rebel Galaxy Outlaw

Eh? I didn’t think PS4 controller supported Xinput directly like that? Did that change?

Anyone know what changed/got fixed with today’s 25.5MB patch?

Also anyone with a 1050Ti/1060Ti able to report in what their settings are in 1080p? Asking for a friend.

So there’s a bug in the pool. A sentence that could go many ways, but right now means you can lose the bet for winning a game.

Streamable link
NSFW: one use of a rude word in an English accent

The AI pots my last ball and the cue ball by accident leaving me with just the black.

I pot the black, the voice cue says “Nice!” and then I lose my money and the AI says “better luck next time.”


Very little. crash fix and dice imagery fixed.

This game is fantastically incredibly stunning both visually and mentally :).

I LOL last night as I was blinging out my flying lunchbox and immediately bought me a nice Torchlight Frontiers Forged dashboard buddy. Easter egg for a game in alpha! Nice work Baldree.

Now that’s a great idea.

Thanks Rei, I just googled a bit and now use my old trusty PS3 controller, works better.

Ah! I saw that and wasn’t sure how to use it. I’ll give it a spin (haha?) next time I play.

Apparently me! Give me Farkle!

Well, yeah, Farkle is also very cool!

Scott - How do autosaves even work? I thought it was saving after you hit each zone after each autopilot. Is that not the case?

We need a tips post. So far I have this from the posts here:

  1. For targeting there’s the tactical overlay thing you can bring up by using the command menu. It’s at the top (hit Y, move stick up, Y again). It’s super useful and it’s the first thing I do now when an encounter starts.

  2. Talk to enemies when losing to get out of combat.

  3. Saves happen at every dock and undock (or Caballeros stop), right before every jump, and wherever you are when you exit to title.
    It will say ‘game saved’ in the top right.

  4. How do you kill thrust again? Was it holding B?

Would others add their own tips and tricks to this?

I’m not 100% sure, honestly. I know there is an auto save when you leave a station, and there is one when you exit the game. That might be it? Maybe I should start exiting to title and continuing after I wrap up a mission - I sure would appreciate a quick save option, even if it’s something only available at Normal difficulty or something.

Saves at every dock and undock (or Caballeros stop), right before every jump, and wherever you are when you exit to title.
It will say ‘game saved’ in the top right.

This is a good idea, but it’s tough in this kid of setting because tips tend to get buried and lost as more posts happen. We should see if the OP would be willing to update the main post to include the tips - or maybe start a new thread dedicated to them.

@tbaldree (who was typing while I was) - that sounds good, honestly, most of the time. I don’t have any meaningful complaints along the save game system, but I do still pine for a quick-save like F5 or something. That wouldn’t make the game easier (areas that would kill me would still kill me) but it let’s me more quickly get back into the fights that I almost won to try again, and that feels good.

Thank you, thank you, thank you for clarifying this mystery :)

LOVE the game. Just love it and having so much fun! Also, I was so geeked when I got revenge for all my pool losses by actually winning a weapon!

Yes, I would like this as well. Going to third person via the circle menu makes a lot more sense than giving up a precious arrow button since switching views isn’t something someone would normally do constantly/quickly.

I converted the first post to a wiki-- put your FAQs and tips there!

I have had very little time to play, and hope to make amends tonight and over the weekend.

I usually hate mini-games. I don’t think I played more than two hands of Gwent in the entire Witcher series.

I figured I’d grit my teeth and play a round of 8-Ball to get the cheap Tracer gun.
I suck at pool obviously, since I played so many times before winning, that I might as well have just bought the gun, but I finally broke through and won. Now I’m looking forward to playing pool almost as much as blowing up pirates. I will say, I think the pool AI is just too good. The 8-Ball bot-lady was making some pretty sick shots.

Travis is @ <- flagged in that wiki post. Does that mean he’ll get a notification every time someone makes an edit? If so, you should un-tag him maybe. But I don’t know if that’s how wiki posts work in Discourse.

You can rebind it in the gamepad menu.