Recent old school Indie RPGs

I’m in the mood for a Wizardry or M&M type game. Something like a finished version of Lost Hero. Hell, even Grimoire might…well, nevermind.

But are there any good Indie RPGs that have come out recently that would scratch my old school RPG itch? I know about Avernum and Geneforge. Anything else?

Devil Whiskey is fairly recent (maybe 2004-ish?)

Etrian Odyssey for Nintendo DS.


Have you played Temple of Elemental Evil? It’s not quite Wizardry or M&M, but it’s turn-based and the combat is fucking incredible. It’s also very playable after the patches.

And sorry, I’m drawing a blank now…

Etrian Odyssey.

I’m in the same situation. I’m replaying IWD2, since it’s been 5+ years since I’ve played an infinity engine game, maybe even more. But I need something else. I tried the Avernum 5 demo, but that didn’t seem to help either. : / I even considered trying out DDO again or going to LotRO, but I’m trying to quit MMOs.

Did anybody play Orcs & Elves? Was that any good?

It got terrible reviews, but I bet EO didn’t get great reviews either.

I never tried Devil Whiskey. Is that pretty playable?

I started playing Planescape:Torment a couple of weeks back, and that has been pretty enjoyabale.

DS games:

Etrian Odyssey
Shiren the Wanderer
Dungeon Explorer
Orcs & Elves
Izuna The Unemployed Ninja
Pokemon Ranger
Pokemon Mystery Dungeon

What’s the difference between the regular Pokemon games and Ranger?

I played the demo to the end. It is very much like Bard’s Tale. So, no, it is not very playable. ;) I poked around a few months ago, and it seems hard to actually purchase. Or maybe it was just hard to purchase for a non-crazy price. I don’t quite recall.

Be sure to check out this mod that allows you to kick up the resolutions of those Infinity Engine games.

Ranger does dungeons, like Shiren the Wanderer.

That mod sorta works like ass for Planescape, though, because it only puts the main gaming screen into a higher resolution - as soon as you see a in-game movie or go into your character or options screen, it resolves itself back down to a small window.


nice, I have a widescreen display, and the 1078x768 is buggin me.

EDIT (after reading madkev’s post)


DS games are great, but I was really talking about freeware/shareware type PC games. I have a DS, and I play lots of great games on it. But I’m in the mood for an old-style PC game, like back in the day (when the sun shone brighter and the grass was always green).

The Yendorian tales were M&M like games from ages and ages ago. I don’t even know if you can buy them anymore (but the site is still up), ir if you can get them to run in XP. There are 3 or 4. I found the Devil’s Whiskey demo dissappointing. And I don’t know if you can buy that either. I never got that into Mordor or the sequel, and they weren’t really Wizardry like games anyway.

Sadly, there just haven’t been many examples of games like this from the little guys that I am aware of. There was a palm game that I think got PC release. I can’t recall the name off hand, I’ll see if I can dig it up.

So you want a recent old school indie RPG for the PC that begins with the letter ‘y’ and is available in mocha.

The game you want does not exist. Play Etrian Odyssey or make it yourself:

I found the demo for Eschalon: Book 1 to be pretty enjoyable. I still haven’t picked up the full game yet, but I may soon.

Shamus “DM of the Rings” Young wrote some interesting blog posts about Eschalon a couple months ago. Incidentally, he’s now working on an old-school RPG for the DS.

Also, you can play the first 5 Might and Magic games on Gametap.