Recommend me a wallet

Yes, a men’s bifold wallet. It should have the capacity for about 40 different stampy cards for the buy-twelve-get-one-free promotions I love, for at least 5 copies of the same credit card, because you never know, a small stack of business cards, and some cash. Coins not required.

What’s your favorite wallet, and where did you get it?

I have had a couple of leather wallets from Fossil that I like a lot. I just threw away one that was wearing out after 5+ years and replaced it with one just like it.

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Man’s wallet. For men.

Got it a TJ Maxx for $10

I have this one: link

It’s really a money clip but I don’t carry much around with me and it fits in my front pocket easily. Plenty of room for drivers license, debit card and a couple of other things.

I just picked up a Fossil wallet a few weeks ago I really like. The kind at the top of the page, although I was tempted to get one of the ones with the side metal bill clip because the bill clip also works as a bottle opener.

I have a faux leather Boss wallet. I bought it Chinatown for $15.

I vote for visiting your nearest Chinatown. Not just for the wallet, but because it’s also fun.

All-Ett. Very thin wallet. Doesn’t look like much, but doesn’t add half an inch of bulge to your back pants pocket either.

It’s basically fallen apart but I’ve had the same Fossil wallet for like 10 years.

If money’s no object, then Ettinger cannot be beaten for leather goods. Sadly they haven’t worked a way to let you feel them online.

Money is all too frequently an object of course, but wouldn’t it be nice?

This is what I’m going to get eventually:

Thanks, my fantastic wallet from Afghanistan needs to be replaced and this looked awesome.

I will second the All-Ett. They’re very, very thin and indestructible.

On the other hand, I stopped using mine because I absolutely had to have this supremely nerdy wallet:

It is thicker than the All-Ett, but much thinner than a leather wallet and holds more than my All-Ett does. Plus Tyvek made to look like tractor feed paper with the first 2,950 digits of pi.

The All-Ett is super-awesome, but not at all what fire is asking for. 6 cards, light cash, full stop.

I managed to cram at least as much as fire talking about into my bifold All-Ett. It’s tight at first, but the material will eventually relax enough that it’s not a problem.

Tumi makes some nice bifold wallets, if you don’t mind paying a bit extra. Especially if you want to avoid a wallet with leather exterior (though they have those as well). I have one and it’s a huge step up from the standard wallets I’ve owned for 15 years.

Duct Tape wallet-- I have one - it actually works too:

Or the aluminum wallet:

TG also has this:

Homemade Duct Tape Wallet

BigSkinny wallets are awesome. I’m using one, and it’s amazing how many cards it can hold without turning into a Costanza-wallet. I had to order one of the “travel” ones, though, because it comes with a pouch for change and all the loonies and toonies add up.