Recommend me some quality Metal


Very welcome, my dude!! I actually recommend maybe dipping into some of even the black/death stuff, as not all of it is heavy on screamed vocals. Tribulation is probably screamier than you’d dig, but the riffing and melody is super excellent; Finnr’s Cane actually has more than a bit of clean vox, like in the last track, and lots of long instrumental portions; Amorphis has lots of clean vox, male and female; Erra’s about half n half; and Sylvaine is almost entirely clean (or entirely? I may be getting it mixed up with Vermilia, which is about 50/50). Outside of the top 20, Sojourner actually has a ton of clean female vox throughout, while A Forest of Stars is just. . . weird. It sometimes feels more like a lengthy spoken word poem read by a British man performed over guitars than, you know, a song :)


Thanks, appreciate the recommendations. Black and death metal generally don’t do much for me regardless of lyrics…some of it’s so slow that it feels boring to me (maybe better categorized as doom); some just feels so repetitive, even more than other metal varieties. But hey, glad it exists for those who like it!


Sometimes Spotify throws up something really good that I didn’t even know I wanted.

I see Myrath has been mentioned several times upthread but I somehow never got around to checking them out. Several others on that list are pretty awesome, too, for varying tastes of how fast/black/death you like your metal.


Mongol Metal also utterly kicks ass.

Or Russian:

And of course Dutch:

not very Metal per se but awesome of its own:


Ooo, yeah, there’s some solid stuff on there; thank you!

I’ll also toss Aeternam into the Middle Eastern-influenced metal category; they’re great.

Just got to see Tengger Cavalry perform a double set (first was “acoustic,” while the second was more pure metal) here in NC on their recent tour, and it was fucking incredible. Tons of charisma and talent.

Got to see Arkona, too. . . they’re also really goddamned good.

(and my live video from the show)

Finally, my real reason for coming here: Excellent North Carolinian black metal maestros Mo’ynoq just dropped a monstrous new album, Dreaming in a Dead Language. Not on streaming yet, that I can find, but it’s up on their bandcamp. The album release party’s next week at the metal club down the street from my house; I’m fuckin’ pumped :-D

Oh, also, @Thraeg and others who’ve dug Aether Realm when I’ve repped them here; they’re going on a short US tour with the also excellent Wilderun, featuring my buddy Jon Teachey on drums. Dunno if it’s coming near any of y’all necessarily (it’s mostly focused on the Southeast), but if so, check 'em out :-D


Oh man, I love both of those bands, but sadly they won’t be within a thousand miles of me. Highly recommended for anyone in the area though.


Sounds like an excellent time to have a Qt3 party here in NC ;-)

edit: also, Soilwork’s new album Verkligheten came out today, and I’m fuckin’ loving it so far.


Tales of the Sands is my personal favorite m, but Legacy has some real top tier work.

They are Israeli, but for a host of reasons should be included, are Orphaned Land and Ephrat. The latter of which only released a single album, but it was produced by Steven Wilson and features Daniel Gildenlow. But I figured they are worth a call or since stylistically and musically there is a strong connective tissue there that makes them fit.

Orphaned Land has been around forever, and has a bunch of albums. Their best is, IMO, The Never Emding Way of the OrWarrior

Medic is a new band from Egypt. I’m still trying to decide how much I like their stuff, but it’s interesting, and pulls from a variety of sources. Clearly you can hear Opeth, Ghost, Porcupine Tree, Riverside, and more in their sound. But this is too new for me to have a firm verdict.

How about some Iranian instrumental metal. I know you’re all wanting that. I present to you the (mostly) solo act, Farzad Golpaygani

Did you know you also wanted a Kuwaiti band? It’s true! Bader Nana

There are others from places like Turkey or the UAE that I’ve listened to, but none have made much of an impression.


This some never fails to make me chuckle


Agreed. Always been a big Soilwork fan and am really digging it.



Agreed, it’s interesting. Not quite there for me, a lot of it seems…tentative maybe? As if they weren’t sure what they wanted and ended up all over the place. But plenty of potential, well worth keeping an ear out.


That’s a very good way of putting it. It’s clear where their influences lie, now to meld that into a cohesive sound.

Circus Maximus was like that too. Their debut album was basically ‘this is the Dream Theater song, this is the Queensryche one’. I liked it immensely still, but Isolation was a far superior album because it was much more confident in what they were.


Dunno if the posters would consider The Pretty Reckless as Metal (first time in this thread, didn’t read 2k posts, did search), but they have some hard rockin’ tunes, especially on their 2nd Album:


Their first album has some good ones too, while their 3rd takes a bit more of a bluesy approach in my mind.

On this album, Fucked up World and Why’d you bring a Shotgun to the party? are my favorite rockers.


Welcome to the thread. We have a pretty diverse range of metal likes here. Pretty Reckless definitely counts!


Suppose one of them listened to some Powerglove? :)


In the video for this, the nipple pasties on the lesbian chicks making out at the beach make it look like their nipples have been burned off. As for the rest of the video, I’m not much into rock and roll, so it’s not really my thing, but more diversity is always good for this thread.


I was thinking Stemage myself, but yeah.


Or maybe Master Sword, winner of my Cheesy Fuckin Glorious Shit album of the year award for 2018?


Thanks! Women in metal can be tricky, and tastes definitely vary, but I was listening to this album and had this thread title stuck in my head at the same time, so…

… I figured that the Heavy (real!) Drumbeats on some of these tracks and the licks warranted at least a check. Plus, they are one of my favorite twenty-teen/new(er) bands… I was always more into the more popular metal with a punk edge however - G’n’F’nRs, Metallica, Avenged Sevenfold, etc.than thrash/death/etc.