Red Dead Redemption 2 - For a Few Redemptions More

I got sidetracked at the beginning of the year with Game Pass games and uninstalled this to make room on the hard drive. I was trying to remember what was even happening in the story where I left. Thankfully, I had this post.

Ah yes. I remember now! I need to remind myself to re-install this later in the year. I really do want to return to this world and see out Arthur’s story. I even want to then play the original Red Dead Redemption again, and see that maybe my memory of hating the Mexico portion of that game was overly harsh. (I hope).

No, I recall also disliking Mexico in RDR1.

I reckon I might have to start a new of this. Ahhh, you’re all right gurl.

So this new stuff announced is still for Red Dead Online, correct? You have to have a subscription to Xbox Live or PS Plus, in other words, even if you somehow can wall your game instance off from others?


Looks like PS players without PS Plus can play online through Sept. 18. They also get access to the butcher table (unlocks Trader role), weapons locker, Trader camp theme, camp dog, and some other stuff.

Starting an online session now. I’m gonna try out bounty hunting in Rhodes and see how this goes.

Join up if you’d like, ELGUAPODC on Xbox Live.

Edit: Hmm. Lots of disconnects for me. Seems to disconnect a few minutes. Maybe they need time to iron this out.

Awesome, hope you like it. Definitely pick up the Outlaw Pass if you decide to stick with it. Exponentially increases leveling and rewards, and pays for itself fairly quickly. Honestly, no reason not to pick it up if you plan to keep playing.

Bounty Hunter isn’t my favorite role so far, contrary to my expectations, but it can be fun. Haven’t experienced player bounty hunting yet, though, and I haven’t yet unlocked the wagon. I’ll be doing more bounties soon, when I level the other roles more.

Trader is my favorite group activity so far, super, super satisfying and rewarding. A group of people hunting and running supply/trade missions together is the cat’s pajamas. And the new hunting wagon is very useful. Collector is great solo.

Look up Fitz_Wanderer on PSN, if anyone wants to posse up some time.

Disconnects happen regularly but not consistently. I can go a week without any and then suddenly start getting a bunch of them, and resetting my router seems to help in those situations.

Okay, bounty hunting is actually pretty challenging and fun. Hoping to score my first player bounty tonight. Players have to rack up a $20 bounty, which requires a fair amount of shenanigans, to get their poster on the Wanted board.

Can you have multiple characters for the online game? I’m not sure I want to be just one role all the time.

The roles can be pursued concurrently, so no need for multiple characters. Only limitation is you can’t hunt a bounty while on a trade mission, or start a trade mission while hunting a bounty (although you can still hunt and turn animals into Crips for production). You can also hunt collectibles and do random encounter quests while trading or bounty hunting.

But if you want to have multiple characters anyway, you just set up additional profiles, which is what I did at one point when I hit a high level.

Just so I understand this correctly, choosing to become a bounty hunter, collector, or trader costs 15 gold bars?

Pretty much, but you can unlock Trader on PS4 for free, Collector with ~50 or so GTAO playing cards, and Bounty Hunter with an Amazon Prime account. Edit: whoops, looks like the twitch offer expired, even though twitch still lists the BH permit as a reward for linking.

Rockstar also gives away free gold like crazy if you’re playing on a semi-regular basis, and there are lots of ways to earn it fairly quickly. Or just buy 25 gold bars for $4.99.

Yeah, it’s probably a bug. But maybe …

I’ve gotten this game to a set state I’m going to leave it in. I call it “Everything Is Beautiful, And Nothing Hurts”. Spoilers below.

The gang is at Horeshoe overlook. The gang is all together, Sean is rescued, we had our party. The key mission to really open things up is the story mission “Fisher Of Men” which is when you take little Jack fishing. This mission unlocks after both “Pouring Forth Oil” and the imfamous night out with Lenny. Once you have done this you can fish, hunt, and get the Legendary Fish map (you already have animals). The whole map is open, there are tons of stranger missions and sidequests open, like bounty hunting and all the find missions and challenges. You can gamble, take in a show, hunt, get in gunfights…

And as a bonus, Micah is in jail forever! Don’t go spring Micah, let him rot. Don’t collect that last fateful debt.

Now Arthur can live in peace and happiness, hunting and fishing and cowboying, never having gotten sick and with the camp and gang family happy and content.

I’ll stop with the story here, and pretend the bad times never happened. No regrets.

Well, there goes another month of gaming. And will be the second platform I have the game on.

Here’s the surprising thing: the Steam version won’t be available until December.

So Nov. 5th for Rockstar’s Launcher, Epic Games Store, Green Man Gaming and the Humble Store but December for Steam.

The only thing surprising about that these days is that Steam doesn’t have to wait a year, but just a month. Hopefully I can hold out long enough.

Month is fine, I prefer Steam for its functionality so I can wait…particularly since I will probably not do a replay straight away, I want to forget more of the story before doing that. The MIB style memory eraser would be handy.
In any way great news, hopefully the PC version will feature some sweet raytracing as well as good general optimization.

GMG and Humble will almost certainly be selling keys for the Rockstar launcher. So really it’s just launching on Rockstar and Epic in November.

I don’t know why they’re delaying Steam at all. Surely Epic didn’t pay them for a single month of exclusivity, and R* games don’t run the Unreal engine. If it’s just the store cut, their own launcher takes a cut of 0.000%.

Frankly it’s surprising it took them so long to launch on PC. This isn’t about box sales, it’s about their online game. GTA5 Online prints money.