Red Dead Redemption 2 - For a Few Redemptions More

I like it too but it seems like I lose an entire day instead of an entire night playing these games, and the money is so low most the time too that it’s barely worth it. I would love to have more time to just screw around and not feel penalized for doing it. I could be hunting! Camp can’t seem to feed itself.

I love it when the register says things like: Tilly … bird feather … $.50

Come on Tilly! Yeah, it does seem like they suck at feeding themselves. I came back to an all red camp once and Pearson was standing on his table ranting about how there was no food and he “can’t cook air” and how lazy everyone was.

Damn, didn’t realize this game was so realistic.

I wouldn’t mind a mod that lets me toggle rain on and off. I love the rain in RDR2.

I’m glad (and surprised) I managed to hold off on caving and buying the console version. It’s been a long wait, but I’m so excited to finally play this in a few weeks. I pre-ordered it on the Rockstar Launcher, which I presume both EGS and Steam will launch to anyway when you start the game.

I might re-install GTA 3 or Vice City, which I’ve never played on PC before.

I have been playing this game for gosh, probably over a hundred hours now, but still have some basic questions that remain unanswered:

  1. Is there any way to put the lamp on your belt while holding a two handed weapon? Or hang it off the gun? Or put it on your horse? I have heard references to this but have no found a consistent way to do this. It would be great to light up the dark without using one of your hands. He only seems to put the lantern on his belt when picking up a carcass.

  2. Is there a way to have two of your own saddled horses at the same time? When I go hunting I want two saddled horses so I can put game on either side for a fuller load. However there doesn’t seem to be a way to saddle up your own horse or even have two of your own horses at the same time. the only solution seems to be to steal a saddled horse, bond with it, and use it temporarily. If you ever stable it it loses its saddle. How do you have two saddled horses without stealing one?

Actually laughed out loud at this.

PC version trailer looking just… visually stunning.

IIRC you simply equip the starter lantern and then equip a gun. And in RDO, there’s also a fantastic horse lantern you can unlock and permanently attach to the front of your horse, after leveling up in the Collector role.

Hmm. That trick didn’t seem to work.

Online is completely unplayable due to disconnects, FYI. Sucks to get a pelt or something and then it just drops you.

Wow I just found out this will be available for the PC today, I excited. I swear I always check out the game section of the forum before I do battle on P&R and I was monitoring this thread.

Could someone explain the options. I can get it on Steam (which I really prefer) but I have to wait until Dec. Or I can get it Nov 5th, on some other awful game launch platform, which I’m guessing will be like what Microsoft did for State of Decay 2, or the Epic stuff.

Green Man Gaming has some weird promo where I can get 25 gold bars (is that a lot or little?) plus a prize wheel spin for store credit. (It sounds suspiciously like gambling, which is illegal over the internet…)

Finally, is it worth it to for the Special or Ultimate edition.?

Anywhere you buy it, the PC version will require the Rockstar launcher, although it’s not clear whether that will be the simplified version like GTAV currently works in Steam, or if it will be like Uplay with Steam. Regardless, most independent markets selling it, are selling the direct Rockstar version.

From what I’m reading, that’s $9.99 worth (although apparently there’s a one-time deal per account to buy your first 25 for $4.99). From what I’m reading, they get you a slew of special cosmetic stuff from guns to tack to hats to whatever. They can also be earned by earning 100 nuggets/bar. Please note these gold bars are independent of the single-player gold bars found in the game world.

I haven’t seen much, if any, incentive to buy in advance for the single-player part of the game, just MP.

You do get 2 free Rockstar games if you buy direct.

Well that doesn’t improve the RDR2 SP game either.

I thought when it came out on PS4 there was an additional mission and not a terrible horse for pre-oders is the comparison.

Pre-load’s up with a 109GB download.

You are correct, and this struck me as odd as well, so I just did a little looking around, and I found this:

So that’s also what I remember getting for pre-ordering the PS4 edition, if I’m remembering right. But this indicates you only get these goodies by pre-ordering on the RockStar Games Launcher?

I did find an IGN article confirming that if you don’t pre-order from RockStar Games Launcher, there are no story mode pre-order bonuses.

They do go on to state it’s unclear if Steam will have these pre-order bonuses, and it’s currently not on the Steam store page, so who knows.

I will say that other than the horse (which is quickly replaced by the best horse in the game if you are patient) there isn’t anything really critical in that pre-order bonus or anything. Not that I remember, at any rate.

Yeah I didn’t care about the pre-order stuff then or even now. I just think it’s weird it’s so MP focused. None of that will make me pre-order the game, but… the thing that will get me onto PC is if my gaming group somehow convinces me the MP is worthwhile. I have not found it that great now, but there are only two us on PS4, and she is barely on. A third or forth would make it more of a group effort than a barely show up partner so… maybe.

I’m going to finish he darn thing on PS4 though. This an MHW are at the top of my during holiday vacation list.

Instead of a more expensive version that makes the game easier, they should do a cheaper version where you start with less stuff, everyone’s mean to you and your horse has three legs.