Red Dead Redemption 2 - For a Few Redemptions More

Nah. Not with the bonus stuff R* is offering to order directly. Epic wouldn’t allow that.

RTX on the PC version , 4k @60+fps, don’t worry it doesn’t look that good, no need to double dip, nope. NOPE. Dammit.

God damn that looks slick. Though the console version is no slouch, visually.

This game, by the way, is a great game for kids to watch if you stick to hunting/fishing and away from robbing passerbys and story missions. My 2 year old loves to sit on my lap with his little red cowboy hat on and make the horsey go. To him it’s the horsey game.

I found him and the 5 year old playing “bear attack” in the playroom, the 2 year old was the cowboy and the 5 year old was the bear. The bear attacked him on his horsey (a stick horse), he shot the bear with his popgun, and then he got down and skinned the bear (took his shirt off). Then the 5 year old put on a coonskin cap and became the trapper that the cowboy sold his bearskin to at the “booth” (cardboard box). Then the littlest cowboy got down in the “cooking” animation pose and cooked, I guess, the bear meat.

So yeah! It’s a cowboy game, fit for all ages! Just stay out of conflict and go fishing and hunting.

I wonder how moddable the PC version is going to be. How’s GTA V on that score (for single player of course)?

I can’t say how thrilled I am that the console release came first, so that I could get in and enjoy the game and the discussion and then get out before the endless PC config and hardware tweaks discussions started up. Knock yourselves out, dudes!

Them kids are gonna enjoy Deadwood in a few years!

I’m already getting some minor, friendly pressure about double dipping for this game so a third person can join us on PC. I feel like I need to finish the PS4 version first though… planned for the holidays.

This like the Witcher 3 doesn’t need mods. I just hope the PC controls are a bit better than the gamepad ones. Dear god some of their control choices for this game were just horrific. I played through the entire game and was STILL fumbling with the darn controls.

Nothing like coming back to the game after a 2-3 week break and the first thing you do by accident is punch your horse.

Yeah, was that in there before? I punched my horse last night accidentally, feelsbadman.

Its been in since release. First time I did it last year, my horse kicked me off a mountain. Which was sort of impressive to see.

I’ve probably done it another 5-6 times. :(

I loved the game and played it through in its entirety, but c’mon, you’re telling me you enjoyed crafting one freaking special bullet and potion at a time? I’d rather avoid that tedium on a second playthrough.

I usually love crafting in games. I would skip it in this one. Just let me gather the stuff, also how come it takes like 6 hours to do a couple rounds of blackjack? Just pause time when i am in there man.

I dunno, I kinda like that people mill around, get drunk, pass out, and new people come in, as night turns to day and I get my poker on. I’ve gone in when the sun is setting and come out squinting into the dawn on more than one occasion.

Though in my last playthrough I must have pissed off a courtesan in St. Dennis because she kept throwing shade over my shoulder whenever I was at the poker table. I guess that was her spot, by the table.

“That’s a rude one over there.”

Here is the most tense minigame in RDR2.

Get a bounty level, say between $100-200 or so. Now, go fishing in that territory. Turn your map off.

Now enjoy the fishing… if you can! You’ll have to pay close attention to the music and such and maybe even put away the pole occasionally to check the map. Keep on fishing right up to the last minute when they are almost on you. One last fish! Then fight them in a pitched battle, usually in or around a body of water.

That tension level ratchets right up when you hear the bad guy music/wood block music or whatever that is.

I like it too but it seems like I lose an entire day instead of an entire night playing these games, and the money is so low most the time too that it’s barely worth it. I would love to have more time to just screw around and not feel penalized for doing it. I could be hunting! Camp can’t seem to feed itself.

I love it when the register says things like: Tilly … bird feather … $.50

Come on Tilly! Yeah, it does seem like they suck at feeding themselves. I came back to an all red camp once and Pearson was standing on his table ranting about how there was no food and he “can’t cook air” and how lazy everyone was.

Damn, didn’t realize this game was so realistic.

I wouldn’t mind a mod that lets me toggle rain on and off. I love the rain in RDR2.

I’m glad (and surprised) I managed to hold off on caving and buying the console version. It’s been a long wait, but I’m so excited to finally play this in a few weeks. I pre-ordered it on the Rockstar Launcher, which I presume both EGS and Steam will launch to anyway when you start the game.

I might re-install GTA 3 or Vice City, which I’ve never played on PC before.