Red Dead Redemption 2 - For a Few Redemptions More

I’ve put a few hours in from the beginning when I got my XSX back in November. It runs flawlessly, and still looks incredible. It’s still running the One X code, but it definitely benefits from the SSD. I hope they do a native XSX version, but it doesn’t really need one.

Perhaps one of the (negative) things I read more before playing this game,was how slow / plodding / deliberate was the game with the animations. In fact it was one of the reasons that scared me away of even trying the game. I couldn’t imagine liking it.

It’s now when I’m finally playing when I can say, that it feels… appropriate. In fact, now I see how this type of realistic animations is the missing factor in many games that are of the photorealistic type, but where the illusion only works in cutscenes, once the gameplay starts, it breaks easily with ‘gamey’ animations.
I respect Rockstar’s commitment to this kind of more deliberate experience, from start to end.

Of course, it also helps the game is a pleasure for the eyes. It’s a rare mix of great technical prowess, fantastic art and expensive production values that makes a world that is a treat to slowly go from A to B.

I remarked to a friend who was asking about it when I was talking about playing it when it came out that for all the hype and furor about GTA when a new version comes out it seems obvious to me that all of Rockstars care and love gets poured into RDR

Hey, won’t hurt my feelings talking about the White Arabian! I did notice the other horses were larger, but I never felt like I was riding a Shetlan Pony. ;) All I know is that I could outrun anyone in the game, got non-stop compliments from riders passing me by (“I’d trade my wife and a wagon for that horse”) and she was by my side from beginning t end. I guess I just preferred my Ferrari to the Ford F-150s in the game. ;)


Last of Us 2 showed you can have high quality animation and it not feel sluggish/clunky to play. RDR2 also had really bad input lag, more so on consoles than PC.

The action itself is pretty static, being a ‘realistic’ cover based shooter, and I’m playing on pc @ 60 fps, so I’m not noticing enough lag to consider it bad for the type of combat the game offers. The combat tbh is a mere accessory here.

I played on a ps4 pro and never noticed input lag, although the combat is clunky and the horse handling doubly so. If I had a dollar for every time my horse got stuck on the corner of a rock while running just to fall over after a couple seconds of my fruitlessly trying to free it, sending me flying…I’d have a lot more dollars.

It’s well documented
Just one instance

He’s got spreadsheets, @kolbex. Don’t argue with him.

I think we had this conversation briefly upthread, too? I mean, sure, it’s documented, but I never noticed it. In a game where the moment to moment gameplay was less clunky maybe I would have.

I finished RDR2 and I never once punched my horse by accident. Is that due to being part of the PC master race?

I never did it by accident, either. On purpose, now…

Yeah it’s due to the control layout on a game controller. On the Playstation, for instance, you tap Triangle to mount your horse, but if you accidentally hit Circle, you’ve punched your horse. Those two buttons are near each other so it’s an easy mistake, especially if you’re a button masher like me.

Jesus that looks like a real punch, from Arnie. Is that really necessary???

It the audio commentary they say he did not hit the horse.

Well that’s good to know, because it is kinda shitty thing to punch a horse just for the sake of entertainment.

If you look closely at that clip you can see the rider pulling the reins back on the right side right before he swings.

Yeah, pretty sure they train horses to take falls like that for television and film.