Red Dead Redemption 2 - For a Few Redemptions More

I did within the last few months when I started a replay and it worked then.

Have to agree with you here. I tried one of the Arabians briefly but the thing looked so small it was like my legs were almost touching the ground, it was like riding around on some kind of small, really jittery, high strung donkey. It just looked all wrong :D

What you mention there is another reason. If Arthur were 5 feet tall or something instead of 6’2" or whatever he wouldn’t look ridiculous on an Arabian.

Arabian horses aren’t all that dinky IRL, are they? I know they’re relatively “skinnny” because they’re bred for speed but I thought they were taller. Or maybe they only look that way because 5 foot-tall jockeys are riding them.

I’m going to have try and get that horse!

I was bummed that there weren’t more wild tamable horses in the single-player game. What if I wanted to tame a Turkoman? or a Morgan? Nope. I only remember one other kind of tamable wild horse in the game, the one whose name started with an N, and IIRC it was only in one general spot (like the white Arabian).

Or just stealing a nice horse. I mean you know you can steal them but it’s only really gamey reasons you can’t get the nicer ones.

Yeah, the only ones you can steal are the bottom-of-the-barrel ones. What’s the point?

I got the White Arabian at the beginning of the game and rode it for all the hundreds of hours I played, all the way to the end. I felt a stronger bond with Destiny (my horses name) than most people in the game by the end. We went through a LOT together. I loved having a mission where the game tried to throw a surprise at me by having me ambushed by, say, a posse and instead of the fight the mission expected I simply outran them due to Destiny’s speed.

I’m not sure what people mean by “dinky.” She felt large to me standing next to her, mounting her, etc. I heard all of the talk about the Arabian being skittish, and in the beginning before developing the bonds fully and “upgrading” her all the way, no doubt she did NOT like it when we ran across an alligator in the swamp. But I switched to one of the Turks later in the game when I read all the “What’s the best horse?” threads, but it felt like moving from a Ferrari to a Crown Victoria. Plus, I missed Destiny, she’d been my partner through so much. So I switched back.

I’m starting a replay, got the White Arabian again, and won’t look back.


Maybe the white Arabian (being a special horse) was bigger/taller than the other Arabians available for sale at stables? Because those did look ridiculous under Arthur’s large frame, IMHO.

Different strokes and all, though.

I believe they are all the same size. I found a few comparison shots on reddit, looks tiny next to a draft horse. But it’s all just personal choice, don’t want to feel like we’re all ganging up on Jeff :)

EDIT: @JeffL Not sure if you’re aware of this, but according to this map there’s a ‘Red Chestnut Arabian’ in the wild that you can tame. If you’re doing another playthrough maybe you could snag that as well if you haven’t already.

It would be nice if they had more in game space and resources to tell you you are finding a rare horses worth grabbing.

BTW for those still playing on the PS4 or PS4 Pro on a 4k TV with HDR, I’m reading that the best bet is to tell the PS4 to render the game in 1080p, and that that somehow looks better than playing it in 4k with HDR. Alternatively I suppose one could just choose not to use HDR in 4k.

Has anyone here played this on the Series X BTW? I’m just curious how it performs on that console.

The White Arabian is quite a small horse, even like a pony.

RDR2 also gets the beard issue: if you shave it will just grow back. Don’t fight nature and waste time or money to shave. Leave it alone!

Which is weird because one of our horses was an Arabian, she wasn’t that small at all. She was actually larger than the other two. There are a number that are larger breeds but 15H isn’t tiny.

Goodness :)

I’ve put a few hours in from the beginning when I got my XSX back in November. It runs flawlessly, and still looks incredible. It’s still running the One X code, but it definitely benefits from the SSD. I hope they do a native XSX version, but it doesn’t really need one.

Perhaps one of the (negative) things I read more before playing this game,was how slow / plodding / deliberate was the game with the animations. In fact it was one of the reasons that scared me away of even trying the game. I couldn’t imagine liking it.

It’s now when I’m finally playing when I can say, that it feels… appropriate. In fact, now I see how this type of realistic animations is the missing factor in many games that are of the photorealistic type, but where the illusion only works in cutscenes, once the gameplay starts, it breaks easily with ‘gamey’ animations.
I respect Rockstar’s commitment to this kind of more deliberate experience, from start to end.

Of course, it also helps the game is a pleasure for the eyes. It’s a rare mix of great technical prowess, fantastic art and expensive production values that makes a world that is a treat to slowly go from A to B.

I remarked to a friend who was asking about it when I was talking about playing it when it came out that for all the hype and furor about GTA when a new version comes out it seems obvious to me that all of Rockstars care and love gets poured into RDR

Hey, won’t hurt my feelings talking about the White Arabian! I did notice the other horses were larger, but I never felt like I was riding a Shetlan Pony. ;) All I know is that I could outrun anyone in the game, got non-stop compliments from riders passing me by (“I’d trade my wife and a wagon for that horse”) and she was by my side from beginning t end. I guess I just preferred my Ferrari to the Ford F-150s in the game. ;)