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Red Dead Online is still fun, if you stick with it and look for ways to make it so. Last night a posse I roll with had started a Hamish mission (save/protect a captive) and we encountered a sketchy dude who started following us around. After we politely asked him to keep his distance, a few minutes later I noticed the dude’s posse hanging around the mission drop-off zone. Then I spotted him on the road behind me and realized their plans. They’d scouted our mission and thought they would block the drop-off area while their man attacked us on the road from behind. So I took the dude out and managed to complete the drop-off rather spectacularly.

It’s too bad the video capture doesn’t include the audio of me taunting them afterwards in chat.


Elegantly done!

In other news, here’s a pretty great RDR2 themed funny video (live action):


LOL. Yup, witnesses see everything.


So apparently I was not the only one that didn’t realize losing pelts on loads was a bug. I thought it was meant to make the game harder. Now that I don’t lose everything on the horse I am 10x more likely to investigate something on my way to trapper or camp these days.


That was one of the absolute worst bugs in online for months. Hunting is amazing now. You can even fast travel with stuff on your horse now. And best of all, other players can’t ruin your haul nearly as easily.


I finally made it to chapter 3, still liking the story. I would like to have more agency, like should I save gang member X, or help with Y’s rampage through town or cut him loose - but then they probably couldn’t tell the story they want to tell. It took a long time to get through chapter 2, even not doing activities like hunting. I do take many of the side missions (white ones).


Anybody have any news about the game coming to the PC beyond what’s in this article.


I had so much fun playing this game until I got stuck with trying to craft all upgrades at Pearson’s before progressing too far in the game (yes, I read som spoilers). So now I’m trying to hunt down a perfect god damn bison and a few perfect cougars and a few perfect badgers… after a few weeks of that, I’m not enjoying it anymore. Maybe it’s my own fault but did they really have to make hunting such a nuisance?

I can’t even start up the game anymore without a heavy sigh.


I’m not sure if it will make the end game tougher but I’m not paying much attention to the upgrades. I’m enjoying the story and characters and just ignoring the hunting and side activities as much as I can.


Did you get the charm from one of the Legendary animals that improves pelt quality? It’s recommended to get that early if you’re getting serious about hunting. Hunting can still be a pain, of course. Anecdotally, I don’t think the charm will ever give you a pelt higher than the original rating of the animal, so you’ve still got to find a three-star whatever. But the charm gives you a little leeway in killing things, as I’ve had imperfect kill shots that take the carcass from perfect down to good still yield a perfect pelt when skinned.


@WhollySchmidt Yeah I got the charm, but it’s more about finding the animals first… hunting desperatly for a moose and some badgers. And an ever elusing Bison.

@robc04 not for the end game, just for the sake of having upgraded everything. I know it’s not necessary, it was just a fun thing at first and then became an obsession. So I know I don’t have to, but now I’ve just nearly finished it, so I can’t just let it go. Stupid completionist in me…


With the Bison I felt that when the game began they were more available, all over the great plains area. But after you do the side mission where you hunt the bison poachers their range changed drastically. After that point the only place to consistently find bison is between the oil refinery and the lakes to its east.


Sorry, I had to laugh a bit about this one. The antlered moose was my white whale for so much of the game. I searched high and low for one, followed so many tips, so let me give you the benefit of my experience: if you head far north, there’s an east/west trail with a tall lookout cabin on it. If you go back and forth along the road near that cabin, specifically to the west of it, there’s a decent chance you’ll encounter a moose. The problem is it might not be male, and therefore no antlers, but it’s still the best spot I found.


They’ve clammed up about it quite effectively. Pretty much Fight Club rules.


That is certainly the best spot, there should be a large group of Bison hanging out right around Heartland Overflow, and with a decent rifle you can just pick and choose a perfect one from a distance.
As for Badgers, I had the best luck in the area east of Strawberry, particularly around Diablo Ridge.
The best spot for Moose I could find was Lake Owanjila, where you can sometimes encounter them bathing in the Lake and shoot them as soon as they reach the shore. The trail heading north from the lake is also a good location to get that perfect cougar pelt.


Small anecdote about the crazy level of random detail in the game: I play Arthur as a super chatty and inquisitive kind of outlaw, so when i encountered a small farm by the Kamassa River for the first time, of course Arthur had to approach the farmer for a chat. He didn’t like Arthur visiting his property one bit however and immediately turned hostile, so I bolted out of there but in my haste missed the gate in the fence surrounding the property. I instead clattered into said fence, breaking a few planks in the process.

After gaining some distance I turned around and saw that the farmer was no longer pursuing me and I started observing the property from afar. The farmer walked back towards his house and actually started assessing the damage to his fence. Not only that, but he went back to his house, got hammer and two new planks and installed them right before my eyes, proper animations and all.


Rolled a second character in online. If anyone feels like leveling with me and a buddy or two, hit me up.


Just finished Chapter 6. Wow.

I wonder if the reason that I feel such an emotional kick in the cojones from Arthur is that I’m older than most of the gamers here. I have more of my life behind me than before me. Whatever the reason, I was teared up at the end of Chapter 6. Been a long time since a game did that to me.

The Epilogue (just started it) is certainly a complete change of pace.


OK, into Epilogue Part 2. Glad to be done shoveling cow poop. I have dressed up a lot like someone who left me their stuff in honor of them.

One question: I assume the choice I made at the end didn’t screw me in terms of money starting the Epilogue? There only seemed to be one real choice for my character. But after carrying around $9000 it’s hard to be broke again.


I don’t think it matters, and there’s going to be a moment where you stop being broke.