Red Letter Media (Plinkett Reviews)


And there is about 30 minutes of Plinkett being Plinkett throughout. Would be much shorter if he spent less time on that unrelated characterisation.


Not really anything new here. Soulless corporation Disney makes safe soft reboot of beloved franchise. Then Plinkett violently shits diarrhea upon George Lucas and JJ Abrams. There you go, two hours of your life back.


The evisceration of the recent surge in prequel defenders was a nice prelude. Was wondering if they were going to back to the conversation and was pleasantly surprised they did.

Personally I liked it a lot, but it has a lot for everyone to disagree with so I’m guessing it’ll more one of their less liked videos.


They had a pretty damn excellent review of Starship Troopers recently. Mike makes a lot of great points about fascism.


Any idea what happened to the latest review these guys posted, for Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom? Looks like YouTube removed it for violating spam policy or some such.


Spam? For a “Half in the Bag”? They have 800K subscribers! YouTube is getting pathetic.

EDIT: SO. @divedivedive This is what got a “takedown notice”:


Youtube is so fucking broken at this point.


Yeah, I think that video is what is what the old ones called “comedy” or parody, but OMM 0000 has told me to trust in the algorithms. I’ll get back to work now.


OK, that was pretty funny.


Youtube is as broken as it is the Youtube audience.

What happened here is enough people who can’t take a joke reported the video as ‘deceptive’.

In any case, it’s already restored.


I mean… that it was even possible shows how broken the system is. Add in all the rest of the bullshit that Youtube does itself to content creators and you’ve crossed the Rubicon.


And the Senate doesn’t care!


Oops, sorry, wrong thread…the Rubicon thing fooled me…



Time to get my popcorn out.

EDIT: Plinkett on Rian Johnson:


Thanks for this @Woolen_Horde


I’m not a fan of their Plinkett schtick; for me, it tends to get in the way of the points they’re trying to make which are often interesting. The comparison of TLJ with a comedy of errors is amusing and pretty pointed. But above all, I think they hit the nail on the head with their opening critique of Rian’s desire to “subvert expectations”: “Why troll the audience at all? Why not take the audience in an entirely new direction? Oh… because there’s nowhere to go with Star Wars.”

Or at least - as is now abundantly apparent - Disney has no clue about where to go with Star Wars. Think about it… we’ve now had FOUR Star Wars movies, and while I’ve been somewhat entertained by all of them, every single one of them has been a rehash of original trilogy material. TFA pretty much steals all its beats from the original, TLJ essentially does the same so that it can shock us by subverting them, and Solo is just a thin broth cooked over Han’s background material. Even Rogue:One, which I liked a lot, is entirely reliant on being a direct prequel to the opening scene of Star Wars to work. And the next two planned movies are/were pretty much more of the same - episode IX is the end of the saga, and will undoubtedly riff of ROTJ (guaranteed now that J J Abrams is at the helm again), and the next stand-alone planned was Ben Kenobi on Tatooine.

Which would have made for six new movies, all boiling broth on the same old, same old. And if that is all they can do with the franchise, then… well, maybe it’s time to kill it. The original Star Wars films are great space opera, but there are limits to how thin you can stretch that gruel without destroying the mythology that is the core of the original trilogy.


I thought it was on point as well.

It also was very slim and trim, comically speaking, as a Plinkett. Fewer segues and whatnot. It was funnier and less over-the-top. Even Rich Evans’ wine-tasting short as Rian Johnson was hilarious, but short and to the point.


This is the first plinkett review I have seen, I am 40 minutes in and enjoying it significantly more than I enjoyed Last Jedi…it is sad.


Definitely check out their review of the phantom menace if you got time to kill, that’s the one they are most known for.


“Sitting in a chair, walking, on a couch, in a chair”


The Plinkett reviews can go a little too off-tangent at times, but it’s good analysis.

Still, there’s nothing like Best of the Worst. If you want hilarious analysis of terrible movies and non-movies (instructional videos, marketing videos, the absolute scum on the bottom of a barrel).

The one they did with Max Landis is a classic. Rich trying to explain Double Down is so good they carved it out as a highlight.