Red Letter Media (Plinkett Reviews)


Rich is always the highlight!

That’s staying in.




Macaulay Culkin makes a return engagement to re:View Hackers with Jack! And it’s pretty great!


Man, grown up Culkin is like an unpainted Joker.


Hey check it out, the guys (well, one of the guys plus one of their Canadian filmmaking friends) re-review Star Trek: The Motion Picture! I’m glad they didn’t just totally crap on the movie, I think it’s gotten a bad rap and is a much better movie than its reputation would indicate.


Watch the opening of this…

And then this…

This was not unnoticed.


It’s pretty amazing.


Julia Roberts admits she cannot take her eyes off of Rich Evans. Gentlemen, we have the most surprising celebrity couple of the decade.


What I’d love to know is whether or not that really is Julia Roberts in the bear suit. Is it her, or did some intern just grab that photo off the 'net assuming there would be no way for anyone to tell who was in the suit?


Let’s be honest though, none of us can take our eyes off Rich Evans.



Is Rich Evans the guy who does the Star Wars reviews that this thread was about?


That would be Mike Stoklasa. Evans is a part of his group of friends and also plays the Mr. Plinkett character invented (and originally played) by Stoklasa in the Half in the Bag shows since Stoklasa himself appears in them, too.


Evans has the most incredible (if not potentially ear-splitting) laugh.

— Alan


Don’t read the comments. There’s a nice twist early on


Huh, so dude’s like a regular now.

edit: ok, having now seen the entire episode, it’s worth watching through to the end for the payoff.


Wait, is he a regular?? And I mean to say, more than one episode…

— Alan


3 different things to date, though odds are fairly good they were all recorded around the same time.

A Half In the Bag where he did nothing. A Review and this.


Huh, Culkin’s making the rounds now.


I like him more than Wil Wheaton.