Redfall - Arkane's vampire hunting co-op opus

Redfall is an open-world co-op FPS being developed by Arkane Austin and will launch exclusively on Xbox Series X|S and PC in Summer 2022. Play it Day One with Xbox Game Pass.

Love me some co-op, and then add to that Arkane unique touch! Do Want!

Arkane Austin. Do they have the same unique touch as the home studio? ;)

I don’t fully get this, is it soloable with AI buddies? Or an MMO like The Division?

“While we don’t yet know exactly what the gameplay will look like, it will feature co-op with up to four players. “Redfall blends single and multiplayer options seamlessly, allowing the player to venture into the darkness alone or to squad-up with up to three friends for four-player co-op”, a Bethesda press release explained. “Teammates can try different hero loadouts and combine their strengths to overcome the vampire legion and their brood of maniacal followers.””

Info here

Oh cool so kinda Borderlands then.

Prey was Arkane Austin, so that’s the unique touch I’m looking for.

Yeah they have both made some great games, which is why I’m interested. I’d love something a bit Mooncrash-y, but even more rogue-like and procedural. With VR support. :)

Yeah, that was sort of my take also.

So many of you fools haven’t played Vermintide. 😕

The official page

make it sound as it’s a bit more Borderlands than L4D. Still, somewhat disappointed they go from Prey to ‘Borderlands with vampires’. The trailer didn’t give even a hint of immersive sim gameplay.

Not a game I would want Arkane to work on, but…it’s Arkane, so chances are it will be good anyway.

Still, kinda lame seeing them too use the SomethingFall genericfest of a name

Could have been Deathloop!

Leaked images from a private playtest:
EDIT - the thread was nuked but Windows Central has the screenshots:

Someone asked the player for their impressions:

Q: What if I like arkane games?, how would it stack up to their previous games?

A : The heros each have unique abilities which are reminiscent of those found in games like Dishonored. Beyond that its closer to Borderlands-style looter shooter

Q : What are your problems with it? Excluding bugs and the graphics not being ready.

A: I’m personally not a fan of looter shooters, and the core gameplay loop is essentially Borderlands. Beyond that its a very solid game, though some weapons are harder to get used to than others, like the Stake Launcher, and the game-specific mechanics are a bit obtuse.

Arkane making a co-op looter shooter…

It’s like every Microsoft acquired studio known for single player has to attempt a multiplayer/GAAS thing. Ninja Theory did Bleeding Edge as their first MS thing, Obsidian did the Grounded EA as theirs, Arcane has this, even Rare did Sea of Thieves after a bunch of other stuff at least. Yes I know this was probably in production prior to acquisition but it does seem to keep happening.

I dunno if it is a coincidence but it is annoying, I have no interest in any of those games you mentioned and Redfall does not look super appealing either.

I think this direction was chosen time ago, before MS acquisition. I’m not sure Bethesda was very happy with Arkane’s lukewarm sales of their titles!

Missed this from last week, looks alright!

Ugh 2023. But gamepass!

I like the new trailer.

I just don’t understand all the promotion for something 6+ months out.