Republic of Rome forum game II


I can’t think of anything else to take care of before Aelius scoots to war.


Agree, there are no concessions to dole out. It’s war time.


Assidui votes yes


@CF_Kane – Cornelius needs to take a couple of fleets with him as well; I don’t know if technically they have to be included in the proposal


I can confirm there are no concessions available in the forum.

And yes, 3 fleets need to go to support Illyria. The proposal is illegal without the requisite fleet support, so I’ll take it as read that they’re included.

Note that your attack on Illyria makes it possible for you to lose the game this turn. Not that I disagree with the course of action, I just thought I’d best make that explicit.

I should also mention that there are 5 cards remaining in the early war deck; one family card and 4 hand cards.


I’m not figuring this one out.

Edit: Let me rephrase, I am having trouble figuring this one out. Let me puzzle it some more, don’t tell me. :)


Ah, attacking Illyria activates it, if we don’t win one, we end the turn with 4 active wars.


No pressure, fellas.


We’d have to get two disaster or standoff rolls, which should be a 1/250 chance with the current wars. We’re more likely to get “Meteor obliterates Rome” from the event table :)


Aelius proposes that Aelius and Fabius deploy with 2 Fleets and 11 legions against the Syrians.

Populares vote yes. Open voting for @scottagibson, @antlers, @Knightsaber.


Optimates are go! And yes.


Shepherds vote Yes.

Have fun out there storming the castle.


Assidui vote yes



Enough was quite enough when it came to the Illyrians, or so the sentiment in Rome went. Why, if they hadn’t learnt their lesson last year they weren’t about to, so there was really no choice but conquest. Accordingly the legions marched in great force.

This year the Illyrians had their own choice of field on which to meet Cornelius, but it availed them little. Their numbers were less than the Romans, their troops were poorly trained and led and their tactics were outdated. The battle was short and bloody, for the Illyrians.

They sought peace again, of course. Cornelius took particular pleasure at the sight of their faces when the Illyrians realised that the cost of their folly was occupation, subjugation and eventual integration into the growing Roman empire. Vae victis!

1st Illyrian War

Die roll: 5-1-2 = 8.
Ally Deserts adds 2 to the strength of the war.

Roman strength: Cornelius + 4 veterans + 6 regulars = 4 + 8 + 6 = 18
Illyrian strength: 5 + 2 = 7

Total: 8 + 18 - 7 - 1 (evil omens) = 18 => victory with no losses

Unrest 4 => 3
The province of Illyricum is created and the state treasury gains 10 talents.
Cornelius gains 3 influence and popularity and claims the allegiance of one legion which becomes veteran.
The drought conditions end.

The Seleucids have been rather rudderless since the self-inflicted loss of their great king Antiochus III. Much as his desire for war irritated his nobles, his leadership had steadied them and given a sense of purpose.

The new campaign against a couple of Roman allies, neighbouring the Seleucids in Asia Minor, let’s be honest, was probably 2 years too late to be effective. Rome had been weak and beset by enemies; it was now come into its full strength, even if a fair number of enemies still remained.

This miscalculation left several Seleucid nobles facing off with their small army against a large host of Romans which had recently landed near Phocaea. True to their cowardly ways, they sent a parlay forth at once to offer surrender and ask for gentle terms.

The Romans were in no mood to be gentle with yet another vulture that had tried to exploit their time of weakness. They claimed as reparations a large chunk of Asia Minor. Rome could not effectively govern this territory from afar, so it was handed over to their allies in Pergamon in exchange for a truly princely sum in silver and other trade goods.

Syrian War

Die roll: 1-6-1 = 8.
Ally Deserts adds 1 to the strength of the war.

Roman strength: Aelius + Fabius Maximus + 11 regulars = 3 + 5 + 11 = 19
Seleucid strength: 6 + 1 = 7

Total: 8 + 19 - 7 - 1 (evil omens) = 19 => victory with no losses

Unrest 3 => 2
The state treasury swells by 45 talents.
Aelius gains 3 influence and popularity. One legion becomes a veteran loyal to Aelius.

The two Punic wars remain unprosecuted.
Glory to Rome!



Players may trade cards at this time.

Then players may play any statesmen or concessions they hold.

Next, players must discard down to 5 cards in hand if above that number.

Lastly, victorious military commanders should indicate whether they intend to return to Rome peacefully or are considering starting a civil war.

@CF_Kane, @Knightsaber, @scottagibson, @antlers


Yay Rome!

Nothing to play from me.


Returning peacefully. No plays.

On to Carthage. Maybe.


Nothing here.


Assidui discard a Bodyguard card, to get them to the 5 limit. Nothing else.


Better summon The Overseer. @rho21