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I will distribute all talents to the Fulvius family, who will then donate 10 to the state.


Oh, right, the donation has to come from a senator. Scipio will donate to the treasury in the name of the Kolbexarii.


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@stusser and @Clay is there a way to up that number for @rho21 and myself? It has happened (annoyingly) to me too once or twice with the Empires in Arms PBF…the price of Moderating a PBF game and using PM threads…


Probably but I’m traveling and can’t look into it until next week. Remind me then!


Will do. Thanks, Clay!


Poke @Panzeh


5 on Claudius, the remainder on Junius.



The leaders of the Virtus Romana faction have been conspicuously absent from the forum this week. No-one will tell where they have gone, but the general consensus is that they must be meeting with someone who can further their cause.

@Navaronegun: there’s a new card in your hand and it’s your initiative.

As a reminder, the initiative sequence is, in order, any or all of:

  • One persuasion attempt
  • One attempt to attract a knight OR pressure a set of knights for money
  • One sponsorship of games to decrease unrest and increase popularity
  • Change faction leader


T Quinctius Flamininus will attempt to persuade Sulpicious to Join his faction.

Add 7 Talents in Bribes.


Oratory + Influence - Loyalty - Personal Treasury = 4 + 16 - 8 - 7 = 5

@Navaronegun: An unmodified roll of 10+ always fails, so there’s little point bribing to push your base number past 9. I’m going to assume you want to spend 4 talents in bribes unless you specify otherwise.

Anyone want to counterbribe from their faction treasury? @Kolbex @scottagibson @Juan_Raigada (the factions with anything in the bank)


Not me


It’s tempting, given how they’ve plotted to reduce my voting power…

But no




The roll is a 9; Sulpicius joins the Virtus Romana.

@Navaronegun: any further actions?


5 talens for a knight on Quinctius.


Actually cancel that, no actions.


Bad news from Messina and Syracusae, our allies who are fighting the Carthaginians in Sicilia. They have recently suffered a number of defeats and the siege of Messina looks likely to succeed before the season is out. Their spies have now identified the source of these problems: a particularly able commander by the name of Hamilcar Barca has taken control of the Carthaginian land forces in Sicily.


Hamilcar provides +3 to the Punic wars and gives an additional Disaster on 8 and Standoff on 12.

@Juan_Raigada: it’s your initiative.


Does the +3 double because of two wars?

We do a 13 talents game, bringing down unrest, and a 5 talent knight attemp (by the senators holding the cash)


It does not, thankfully.

Unrest drops from 2 to 0. Papirius gains 2 popularity, Fabius attracts a knight. Games are 7 / 11 / 18 talents, incidentally, so you have 2 left over.

The noble Papirius of the Eastern Grain Company sponsored this spring a festival of gladiatorial combat lasting two full days and leaving the sands of the arena all but awash with blood. The people were most happy with this generosity: even days later in the poor quarters near the tanneries in the west of the city no voices could be heard complaining about the war, let alone last year’s food shortages.

Sadly the festivities could not continue forever. Barely a week after their conclusion, bad news arrived from the East: Macedonia has been busy this past winter. Some of its inconstant allies were returned to the fold with promises of spoils; others required the threat of being the source of those spoils. Either way, the rump of Alexander’s empire is stronger than it has been in years and vows that Rome will regret its opportunistic attack of last year.

1st Macedonian War
Name Series Fleet Battle Fleet Support Army Battle Disaster Standoff Spoils Special
1st Macedonian War 1 of 4 (2) 0 10 12 12 11/18 25

@Panzeh: your initiative.