Republican Candidate in 2012?

In just over half an hour, we’re going to see the Left Coast push Obama over the top (assuming it even takes that long), and then the Republicans will be sobbing over a national debacle - not quite realizing that they inflicted one on the nation and this was just payback for eight years of their terrible performance.

So, after the whining, finger-pointing, the despair, and the realization that the gods smack down hubris, who will the put up in 2012? Will the old line republicans take back the party, or the the fundamentalists complete their takeover? Palin in 2012? Romney? Someone else?

It will be Jeb Bush.

Let us celebrate today, no need to depress us.


PLEEEEEEEEASE let it be Palin.

Palin, with Fooey as economic advisor. The only choice that makes sense.

WTF? We just had a fucking election. We should be focusing on how to fix the problems we already have rather than speculating on what the next dog and pony show might be.

Relax. It’s okay to speculate. It does not hurt anything.

Then don’t post on this thread?

To game players, the game always goes on. Maybe with the board reset, maybe with some gloating over the victory, but I always look forward to the next game.

I Guarantee you it will be a minority candidate.

Most likely a hispanic or a female.
Maybe both?

Condi Rice

(not really)

Please let it be Palin.

Split the party right down the middle.

Alberto Gonzales and Sarah Palin?

As Chuck Todd pointed out somewhere in the last couple of days, Mitch Daniels of Indiana is the only GOP governor cruising to an easy re-election this year. He was doing analysis of his state tonight and came across as very moderate and very smart.

If the GOP swings hard right in reaction he’s not going to get anywhere, but if they want to win he’s an interesting guy.

I thought Fooey himself was running.

The name I keep hearing is Jinal, the current governor of Louisiana. He’s a popular Republican governor whose usually described as being Clintonesque in his Charisma. On the otherhand, the people who keep saying his name are from Lousiana. That, and he’s a minority (Indian), and I just do not see the Republican base electing a minority candidate.

His site:

Other than that, there is still no shortage of Republican governors and Senators capable of running a presidential campaign, and with as many problems as Obama is going to have at his doorstep I don’t see him having a swimming four years.


Seriously, right there on the floor! Could someone clean it up?


But he can’t run, right? I think, were the GOP to wise up (fat chance), he’d be a good candidate for the “new” GOP.

I can only hope they pick Palin. Four years is a long time though.

Palin, because I want to see the Democrats win again.

You are correct, he can’t run for president.