Rick and Morty

The 14th picture was going to work, and you know it!

If he had sent it the 15th time, she would have laughed and all would have been forgiven. /s

What the hell is going through someone’s mind when they do this?

Maybe he wasn’t sure she got it.


with new voices

Sounds fine to me.

Yea, sounds close enough to me. If anything they are a little on the flat side. There could be a certain “pitchiness” to the previous voices.

Morty was 99% there, Rick is noticeably different, there’s a certain fry or weariness missing. Either way, I’ll get used to it.

I’m really impressed that they got the voices that close. Much closer than most of the post-Mel Blanc WB cartoon characters ever got to the great man himself, especially Bugs.

I don’t know that I would have noticed if not listening for it. I agree that Rick is just a tinsy bit off though. Morty seemed spot on.

Yeah, sounded fine enough to me.

Rick sounded different to me, but whatever. It’s fine enough.

Yeah, I’m surprised it’s as close as it is, really. Both are very slightly different, Rick more so than Morty, but I’m not sure I’d notice if I wasn’t listening for it. Even the same voice actor often varies their performance a bit over time.

I never saw Season 6, is it available anywhere besides Hulu?

It’s on Max (formerly HBO Max).

Oooh, I know what I am doing tonight!

Of interest.

Dan Harmon Interview: Rick & Morty, Community, Krapopolis, Justin Roiland – The Hollywood Reporter

Thanks for sharing. Some interesting info RE Justin Roiland

The last time he and Roiland spoke was over text in 2019, a conversation that left Harmon in tears. “He said things that he’d never said before about being unhappy, and I remember saying to him the last time we spoke in person, like, ‘I am worried about you, and I don’t know what to do about that except to give you all the string and also just say I’m scared that you’re not going to come back.’ But then this conversation became unprecedentedly confrontational.” Harmon stops himself there. “I think that’s as far as I get to take the story. At that point, we’re no longer both there for it, and it starts to become not only unfair for me to continue but totally uncomfortable because, from there, a friendship goes away, and I still don’t fully understand why.”

It also definitely sounds like he can corroborate that Roiland was pretty absent starting in season 2. At some point he was only doing VO for the show, despite creating it. It sounds like Justin is just one of those types of creative that have a difficult time working on a team on something.

Either way, it sounds like he and Dan had a really big falling out 4 years ago.

And then after the most recent articles about allegations around Justin Roiland, Dan had this to say:

“The easiest thing for me to say about Justin has been nothing. Easy because he isolated so well and easy because I’m nobody’s first choice as a judge of anything or anyone. This is where I’d love to change the subject to myself, to what a piece of crap I’ve been my whole public life,” he says. “I would feel so safe and comfortable making this about me, but that trick is worthless here and dangerous to others. It’s other people’s safety and comfort that got damaged while I obsessed over a cartoon’s quality. Trust has now been violated between countless people and a show designed to please them. I’m frustrated, ashamed and heartbroken that a lot of hard work, joy and passion can be leveraged to exploit and harm strangers.”

As Grandma Many Jars used to say, The proof of the poontang is in the eating. All that matters is whether new episodes are as good as they should be.