Ring Runner - Flight of the Sages: Another Announced Spacey Game

A nice bloke named Alexander Barrentine on Twitter turned me on (not that way, pervs) to yet another new(ish?) space game – I say that because it’s apparently also coming out for Xbox and had a trailer released 11 months ago, but this is the first I’m hearing of it – game called Ring Runner - Battle for the Sages.

According to this article on RPS – which is the most info I can find on the game – it looks like a mix of Subspace with action RPG style gameplay using fantasy RPG archetypes – rogue, warrior, etc… – for the ship types. Not a bad combo if you ask me.

I saw what you did there.

What, what did I do? Tell me!! ;-)

Avoided another fail ;)

A multiplayer demo of this game is out. I’d post impressions, but I’m too busy playing it.

Note: Haven’t seen anyone in multiplayer yet, but playing against the bots is darn fun! This game is crazy! So much stuff going on.
Second note: Took a while for the dev to manually process my beta preorder, however I believe they’re going to get to it faster for the next guys :)

Brian, you HAVE to get this, NOW. :)

So I’ve been playing this more, and I’m absolutely hooked. I haven’t been this excited about a game since I played subspace/continuum for the first time back in '97.

Here’s a ‘multiplayer’ (me and bots, no one joined) match that lasts for about an hour that I played today. You can see this game is nuts. There so much stuff going on, zipping around in your ship, dodging various attacks, slowing down time, zooming in towards the enemy team and getting a double kill is such a sweet moment. :)


Huh, that makes me wanna try the beta, been a while. :)

This game is weird.
And I kind of like it because of that.

I ran away from boogies, I’ve been in a (spaceship) gladiator area, I’ve collected valuable garbage, I’ve attacked cruisers, I’ve raced in circuits, I played some space turret defense, I’ve been inside my own brain in a quantum scale doing quantum foam, I’ve done stealth raids, and who knows what else awaits me. The mission structure is also kind of weird. The same has loots of missions, but for now it’s all linear, one after another, and they are super brief, like 2-4 minutes.

The game also has a great variety of weapons and other accessories. From normal lasers and rockets, to energy boomerangs, gigantic flails joined to the ship (yeah), to rocket boost that leaves incandescent plasma behind you, to tag markers used after for homing rockets, to shotguns, energy rings that slow you down, plasma waves, to beams that push or pull ships making them crash into stuff, artillery call-ins, teleporting dashes, etc etc.

And there is more stuff like the hangar where you can customize your ships or the shop where you can research new equipment, I don’t have idea of how to use it. I suspect the campaign will tutor me about it once I reach the adequate point.

Very curiously, one of the stronger points of the game is the writing, it’s very quirky and the lore is off-there, making it a slightly surreal experience, in the good way.

Yay, glad you’re enjoying it!