RIP John Lewis

This time, sadly, it’s true.

A fight well fought for a lifetime.


CT Vivian also died today. Obama posted an obit on his twitter just hours ago.

Two giants of the Civil Rights generation gone in the same day.

Bloody hell.

RIP, good sir. An inspiration to all of us for how to be a better human being.

A mensch.

Edit: And Dan Rather, so eloquent.

Y’all remember when Richard Spencer got punched a few times and then decided to cancel all future public engagements because that’s how much his cause meant to him? I sure am glad American heroes like John Lewis were made of tougher stuff.

Take a knee, take a seat, take a stand!

My heart hurts.

Imagine DJT writing something like that. Imagine DJT spelling ‘cat’ correctly.

Now that just brings tears.

Not all tears are an evil.

More wholesome John Lewis content:

Sad they died with the worse racist in the White House since Woodrow Wilson.