RIP Sean Connery (1930 - 2020)

What a titan.

That’s a hard one. But a life well lived I think.

Sadness. :(

My favorite Connery film remains The Untouchables.


Not a little man, as Peachy would say:

I never undershtood why the Russhian Shee Captain had a Schtotish Accshent.

Thish shucksh.

There can be only one. :(


He looked pretty frail at Wimbledon last year.

I’d been wondering about his health the other day, when I looked up the ages all the Bonds took up and left the role.

My dad is going to be crushed. :(

That’s the picture I was going to post.

RIP, good Sir.

You’re the man now, dog.

The way I was introduced to him and the way I’ll always remember him:

Rest in Peace, mate.

Someone posted this to FB yesterday. Made me smile.

A big part of my childhood has passed with his death. Now, I realize Connery the man was problematic; his treatment of women, for instance, and perhaps other aspects of his personal behavior. But for kids like me, growing up in the sixties, Connery was the epitome of, well, man-ness. Maybe John Wayne in the fifties or early sixties for some kids did the trick, but for boys like me in thee late sixties, the Bond films in particular highlighted all the things I thought I wanted to grow up to be. Sure, later, I realized the weakness of the sometimes one-dimensional portrayal of masculinity Connery often epitomized, but there was always an undercurrent of strength, power, and don’t-give-a-fuck-ness to thee man that was intoxicating.

Growing up on Bond flicks, reading Fleming’s books, begging for and once in a great while actually getting toys like the Corgi Aston Martin DB or the briefcase with the hidden goodies–yeah, Connery was a huge presence. RIP indeed. There are few stars any more with that sort of massive presence.

The gif makes it look like the woman to his right has a hand bursting out of her, like something from Alien.

I feel this one a bit more than most celebrity deaths. The Bond films stuck with me in my imagination the way most films didn’t.

He aged well, too. Still handsome at the end.

This is a tough one. Connery has always been Bond to me, the rest of the actors were just lesser replacements.
RIP James, you served with distinction.

He’s not my favorite Bond, but only because I was introduced to and grew up with the Moore films. I only saw the Connery films much later, in my early 30s. But damn, he was the epitome of cool (he brought that coolness and bravado to his other films), and when I hear the word “Bond”, he’s the first one I think of. What an icon.