Rise of Industry

I was checking my current map and my region doesn’t either, I wonder if thats a bug?

Checking out their roadmap, it looks like mass scale import/export of resources is on the to do list.

OK, it seems that wholesalers were removed from the game and you now buy resources from the state using the button in the top right menu.

Also, another noob question: is there any way to highlight a building’s trucks? The toggle routes button doesn’t seem to show only that building’s vehicles.

So is this game a winner then?


At the end of the day I’d stick with OTTD, and wait for a sale on RoI.

For now I’ve set it aside and will revisit near the end of the year.

Or go play some Railway Empire which is for me at least, more fun.

OK thanks!



I’m really enjoying the moment to moment of it, especially now I’ve figured out more of the mechanics, but I’m worried it’ll grow stale pretty quick without more structure to it. In general I tend to play better with clear goals to move toward, and even in something fairly open-ended like Anno there’s a clear teleology to it all pushing you onward. Whereas here I’m not really sure why I shouldn’t just be content with my empire the way it is, and the constrained advancement of cities means that there’s only a limited amount you can do at any one time, and then you just have to wait. It feels like it needs a series of missions with specific goals, as well as the sandbox. Yes there’s a scenario builder, but frankly I want someone to tune those for me to be an interesting challenge. I don’t want to sink dozens of hours into it first to figure out what might be challenging and then build a scenario to do that, only to discover after several more hours that it was actually trivial, or impossible.

That said, things may change when they give the ability to do hostile takeovers. That would open up new markets, giving you new production/logistics chains to aim for. But at least on my current map, pretty much all the towns want the same goods, so I’m not sure it would change much.

If the menus didn’t kill my carpal tunnel so much I’d play that.

Looks like this didn’t have much legs. 2 out of 17 friends who played it put in at least 10 hours, with 10 people less than 5 hours. That’s too bad, was hoping this would be a good logistics game.

I hadn’t really jumped in, since it sounded like it still needed to be fleshed out at release. Have you played it recently?

No I don’t own it. I played the demo a while ago.

I never got around to picking this up either. The initial release feedback didn’t seem that great.

This left my wish list when the initial reports weren’t great…and then Anno 1800 dropped and fully scratched the same itch for me.

I’ve been tempted to pick up Anno 1800 on Epic. With the holiday coupon it is $22.

The Anno formula isn’t one of my favorites, so I played during the free trial of UPlay premium or whatever its called and I got my fill.It’s fun for a little while, mostly because it is so pretty. I’m not sure how far I got - engineers I think.

So, I gave this a try and am inclined to agree with those disappointed with it. Just using some common sense I can turn a profit by looking what goods a town is demanding and making those goods. But for the life of me I can’t find a screen / report that actually tells me how much profit I am making from a specific building or product.

I can find sales in units and dollars. I can see the efficiency report for buildings. But I can’t look and see how much of a profit or loss a building is running at, and for that I’m out. That is such basic information, and maybe I’m missing something somewhere but that type of info should be obvious. There isn’t anything in the game that makes me want to deal with the aggravation.

Yeah, the seemed to have gotten so many things right, it’s weird the things that misfire. I think budget reporting is one, like you said. And I also think it’s just sliiiightly too hard to make a profit, especially when you have to start dealing with pollution. I think one reason is that your trucks all cost money to run, but you don’t quite have enough control over how much your trucks cost. And then progression is too obscure and too difficult, too. Real shame. The game looks cool and the fundamental resource processing stuff is great.

I did finally find out how to see how profitable each product as a whole is, but not a particular building. It seems like you should be able to click on a building and see how much money it makes, how much the expenses are (and what they are).

I didn’t play for too long so I didn’t start making anything complicated. At the early stages pollution is easy to handle by building a scrubber (or whatever its called) - feed it water and it removes pollution. I can imagine it starts getting more difficult as you get more and dirtier production.