Robotech is Back

The new Shadow Chronicles series

Heh. What could possibly go wrong?

So what’s this going to be on, or is it direct to DVD?

It looks decent, even if I thought that they overused CG a bit. It’s good to see that they kept the fighter design consistent with Macross and didn’t try to reinvent things too much. Considering that it was created entirely in english it’s probably the best of its kind, quality-wise, I’ve seen to date.

I greatly dislike the CG. It doesn’t look bad, I just think it’s too incongruous with the cel animation.

And “Shadow Cronicles?” Seriously? That’s possibly the dumbest subtitle I’ve ever heard. It sounds like something a teenage fanfic writer would come up with.

Still, given my fondness for the original Robotech and the fact that they seem to be keeping at least some of the original characters, I’ll probably track this down and at least check it out once it comes out.

The 3d doesn’t even hold a candle to Macross Zero, in fact it looks worse than some of the very limited Macross Plus stuff. Ugh.

But I’ll watch it anyway I guess… now I have to remember the screwed up storyline.

— Alan

Sadly, I’ll watch it for nostalgia value if nothing else.


CG looks cool, but very much in conflict with the cell shaded animation. Not sure the combination is any good.

I was actually rather disappointed to see the fighter designs are not consistent with Macross, they’re based on the Alpha fighters from New Generation (Mospeada), which are greatly inferior.

The trailer is amazingly sparse and the CG is subpar even for a 2001 production. I have zero confidence in this.

Yes, I will still watch it, because I am dumb like that. Especially when it comes to Robotech.

Er? It looks more like a VF-1 and VF-0 than a mospeada fighter. The biggest difference to me is the wings.

shadow chronicles:


macross zero:


Maybe I’m just used to the VF-0 and VF fighters from Plus, but am I missing something?

edit: actually, the more I look at it, it’s more like a combination of the Mospeada and Macross designs. Which is really what Robotech is.

The transformation and the chest of the battloid mode is pure Alpha. It’s a transitional form, but it is far more Alpha than Valkyrie, IMO.

Actually, that looks like an Alpha fighter connected to a Beta fighter.

Hmm, you’re right. I wasn’t really paying attention during the transformation but it’s a lot less elegant than the Macross fighters.

Of course it’s less elegant, the designer isn’t even the same I don’t think (considering they are different shows and all).

The fighter really looks like an Alpha-Beta combo.

— Alan

It does however look better than one of the worst cel-shaded/CG uses in a TV show in recent memory, the redone Area 88. They had a couple of good instances, than they got completely lazy and started using 2d cutouts. Anything with the Crusader of course was golden and was probably the first plane they modeled but, dammit, he lost it after five episodes and instead flew a lame F-5.

— Alan

It’s definitely an alpha-beta combo. See (check out the image on the right of the two fighters docked)

What I really want is a Battletech movie. All the cool mech style (and more) from Robotech but without the fruity japanime doe-eyed crap.

It looks like a continuation of the series after the Invid leave earth. I think that was Scott Bernard in there not caring about Marlene being an Invid.

I know I’m a heretic here, but I always liked the books. I mean, the last book in the series, “End of the Circle” had scenes with Scott Bernard fucking Marlene in a cell trying to hide from the security cameras. What’s not to like?

That was definitely Scott Bernard and that was definitely an alpha/beta combo. It fits with the “lore” of the English Robotech series, at least.

Any release date?

Battlemechs don’t transform (at least, not since the Macross people took their stolen designs back from FASA), therefore Robotech wins.

Robotech just called them Destroids.

The RPG books (which were frickin’ awesome) fill in a lot of history about the design lineage for many things, including the Destroids.