Robotech is Back

Yeah, but aside from the Destroids, there were Battletech versions of just about everything Macross. I remember the Wasp was essentially a VF-01 stuck in Battloid mode. And in Battletech: The Crescent Hawk’s Revenge, you were looking for 'mechs that were literally Veritechs. Transformable planes with three modes, exact duplicates of Skull Leader.

Phoenix Hawk LAM
Stinger LAM
Wasp LAM

LAM = Land Air Mech

If you knew how to game them, they were near impossible to hit in the game.

Bah - not if you were a munchkin with a Clan Targetting Computer, Pulse Lasers, and 2/3 pilot!

Of course back then they were called Battledroids. Boy FASA was just trying to hit all the copyright issues it could find eh? :)

— Alan

PHAT. I bought it when they were calling it that. You got two 3" models to glue togather poorly, and then you had to go buy your own cardboard to glue it to the slick glossy sheet of mec^H^H^Hdroid cutouts, because cardboard in tabletop games was illegal or something in them days.

Read the books a long, long time and loved them but have been too scared to jeapordize those fond memories by revisiting them 15 or so years later. I guess “Jack McKinney” won’t be involved with Shadow Chronicles since one of half of the pseudonym has since passed away (Brian Daley).

So what’s this going to be on, or is it direct to DVD?

Yeah, anyone know? The trailer trumped “In High Defintion” but unless they are already targeting Bluray and/or HD-DVD I’m not sure what HD mechanism exists for delivery since I don’t see a network picking it up to broadcast it.

Well technically speaking you didn’t have to, we just glued them in those triangle/wedge shapes and it kinda worked.

— Alan

What, like I went out and bought a piece of cardboard? They worked if you taped a penny to their base, else the bottom part bowed down and they fell over.

What, did you guys not have miniatures for Battletech? I had a shameful amount, actually. I didn’t miss the Robotech stuff leaving except for the Warhammer (Excalibur Destroid). The stuff that burnt me was when the Griffin, Shadowhawk, and Wolverine got pulled because they were other contested anime designs.

Anyway, it was kind of sad to see Battletech devolve into that “hero clix” thing it is now. Our hobby shop in Canton had a giant terrain table that rivaled some of the best Warhammer 40K setups you’ve seen.

Of course it also sucked when they severely munchkined the game with the Clantech crap. In Battletech’s era immediately before the Clan stuff, I thought it was a damn fine system.
Looks like CAV from Reaper Miniatures is carrying on the fine tradition.

They’re talking about the very first edition of the game, which used cardboard counters that liked to fall over.

Yeah, I never played it as Battledroids, but I had 1st edition, then Citytech that came after. However, my paper mechs came with ][ type bases that you stuck them into that weighted the bottom. I do remember seeing some folks with A-folded ones though.

I’ve played Cav, it’s not a bad system.

— Alan

Does it have the depth of Battletech, or is it more squishy?

I wish this town had a decent gaming shop, I wouldn’t mind investing in CAV if there were some people to play with.

It’s a bit more of a generic, miniatures version of Battletech. Definitely not as deep or complex.

— Alan

You just wish you had these.

Yes, they’re dusty. But I have a Wolverine!

Yes, I too wish I had A Bridge Too Far.

— Alan

Where else were the Mechs going to go but one one of the 2 “war books” shelves?

I won’t admit to just how many BT minis I had… but I had 5 locusts in my light lances. We played games big enough that each side would have a full compliment of recon, medium, heavy, support lances and a command lance. I invested in some of the Plas-tech minis, found some really cheap but nifty looking and to-scale tanks, planes, hovercraft and choppers too. That padded my shelf pretty well. I never screwed around with the expansion mechs much from 3025, I like the classic ones. We’d have 3-4 people per side resolving their moves simultaneously just to get it over with before the sun came up.

Sold the whole lot for about $350 when I retired - and felt like I was giving a gift. :-)

Shit, I miss battletech. Why can’t anybody make a GOOD turnbased mech game? Mechcommander was a pretty pale attempt at RTSing it, but it was better than nothing. *** I want to see Battletech done with the awesome Combat Mission “we go” engine, dammit!! ***

Battletech was a game that begged to be made on the computer. It was paperwork nightmare. I was such a perfectionist i used to bubble in each unused armor slot on the generic mech sheet :).

However i never found a group to play it with except my friend, and we weren’t casual enough to play competitively, so we stopped eventually.

Wasn’t the Wolverine House Liao? I was pretty much a Davion player. I loved the Valkyrie for some reason; my “personal” mech was always the Orion though. Boy these are some old and dusty memories :).

Battletech wasn’t really sustainable as a franchise. How do you release rulebooks every year reducing the number of units and techs? “Sourcebook 3043. This year the last Archer factory was destroyed, so players cannot choose an Archer unless they already have it in their inventory. All prices increase by 25%” By the nature of a business, Battletech was doomed to degenerate into a runaway arms race. The Clans were cool mainly because they were foreshadowed in the back story if you read between the lines in some of the sourcebooks. After their arrival the series really lost it’s focus though and seemed to become a kind of Robot Warhammer 40k “All war, all the time!”. “The galaxy is in Chaos - but here are boatloads of new advanced guns!” ect.

There were what, 3 references?

Where did Kerensky go?
Wolf’s Dragoons
Minnesota Tribe

I can’t believe I remembered the freaking Minnesota tribe.