Rock Band 3: Qt3 league?

Just gauging interest: with Rock Band 3 coming out at the end of the month, would there be interest in a RB3 league here at Qt3? Nothing that elaborate, just an excuse for us to put some bands together and rock out once a week.

If you are interested in such a thing, just say so in this thread. If we can get 20-30 people (or more), I’ll make it happen.

I’m interested. I have a fair bit of DLC and play expert drums on all but a handful of impossible tier songs. I have cymbals too, so I’m all set for pro mode. I plan on picking up the for realz guitar once it’s available, even though I’d rather have both a guitar and bass. I have a midi keyboard already as well.* Any word on when the midi interface is going to be released?

I’m up for vox if I know the song.

DLC on my end consists mostly of Rush, Maiden, Styx, and Kansas. Stuff like that.

merryprankster and I did some RB2 on Xbox Live a while back, and we didn’t have one single track of DLC in common.

Vox here.

I also have lots of DLC, a midi keyboard, a pro drums setup, and will have the various pro guitars. I will also be playing often at release, I am sure.

I’d be in. Lots of DLC, and I can do vox, bass, or guitar.

Medium amount of DLC and a stupid timezone. On the other hand, I play every instrument on expert and have an angelic singing voice.

I wouldn’t worry too much about how much DLC you have. Since this would be for RB3, we’ll have plenty of new songs, which will all support the new keyboard stuff.

I’d be in as well. I play all current instrumetns on Expert, but am by far best on drums and worst on vox. I’d like to get really good at Pro Keys though. I know I’ll be able to do Pro Drums on Expert just fine, but won’t be able to register the hits properly until the stupid MIDI box adaptor comes out later this year.

I’m in! Expert bass, Expert/hard guitar or Hard drums. Sucky time zone tho.

The way leagues like this usually work is that there’s a song selection process for each week or match, and then there’s a deadline to put up scores. This makes it easier for bands to find time to play, and would also make it possible for any all-European bands to participate without having to worry about time zone stuff.

I’m in. I can play ok on exp guitar, bass, or drums. My wife can do vox. She was in the top 20 on the vox leaderboard for a while.

I’ll play. Expert guitar on most songs, but I’ll defer to bass in the company of a plastic-rock guitar god.

I’m all about it. I can 5/gold star most songs on expert guitar/bass/drums and I don’t sing well.

Jesus, I’m in. I’m a 4/5 star Expert guitar/bass. So definitely not sluggo class by any means. Also count me in as having shloads of DLC and I preordered the keyboard.

Oh, btw, I expect I’ll recuse myself from guitar for this league. I’ll play keyboards or sing, as I’m sure there will be an overload of guitarists anyway.

I think we’ve been assuming we’re all XBox 360 Rock Band players, but it should probably be explicitly stated, right?

It would certainly be tidier if everyone was on the 360, but there’s no reason we can’t accomodate a few bands on PS3 or Wii.

Obviously, everyone in a band needs to be on the same platform, but since the bands don’t have to play head-to-head or interact with each other, it’s perfectly fine to have band A put up their scores on a 360 against band B posting their scores on a PS3.

This looks pretty sweet for doing League stuff.


So RB3 comes out next week. My plan is to give everyone a few days to get acquainted with it, and then the Monday after that (Nov 1), I’ll check back in here and see how much interest we have in a league. I’ll bump this thread a few more times between now and then, and hopefully we can end up with something around 6-8 bands.