Rocksteady's Suicide Squad: when Justice Leagues -- and Rocksteady brawlers? -- go bad

Long rumored and finally confirmed in the dullest way possible, a Tweet of a future announcement

Rumors (based on previous reports and hiring) is that this is a loot-based GaaS game.

If that’s true, that could be incredible. Rocksteady are so good. Unlike Bungie, they’re both good at gameplay and story. So even though I loved Destiny and played the heck out of it until they started ruining it after the first expansion came out, I’d have more trust in Rocksteady not ruining their own game.

I wonder what kind of macguffins the Suicide Squad are supposed to use to kill the Justice League. They all seemed really underpowered in the movie.

Kryptonite for Superman I suppose. What’s Wonder Woman’s weakness?

Chris Pine?

A failing cinematic franchise dragging down its sole worthwhile output?

So you’re saying Wonder Woman’s weakness is Suicide Squad?

Makes sense.

Not a good look right before their game reveal.

Update posted to twitter:

CG reveal trailer for Suicide Squad, which is aiming for a 2022 release on PS5, Series X, and PC.

The creators of the Batman: Arkham series are back with a brand new action-adventure shooter. The most dangerous villains in the DC Universe have been forced to team up and take on a new mission: Kill the Justice League. Create Chaos in Metropolis. You are the Suicide Squad.

  • Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League is a direct continuation of the Arkhamverse​

  • Playable character are Harley Quinn, King Shark, Deadshot and Captain Boomerang​

  • Features gunplay, superhuman empowerment, and each character has a rich moveset

  • Open world​ third-person shooter

  • Can be played solo or 1-4 co-op​

  • If playing solo, bots will replace the other 4 teammates, can also switch between the characters at will if playing solo


man, what the fuck is that?

Nothing in that video made me want to play this except the very beginning where they say it’s from rocksteady. If it was from anyone else I would just forget about this game’s existence.

I feel the same way, Rock8man. The studio’s pedigree is the only reason I’m going to continue following the game, because their previous superhero games were pretty awesome. Maybe I’m just feeling sour towards the whole Suicide Squad universe because my only experience with it was that really, really terrible movie?

Nobody will ever convince me there was large demand to move Suicide Squad beyond the comic.

Aww come on, this trailer was fun. I trust Rocksteady.

Meh, the trailer for WB’s Gotham Knights looked way better.

I have to say evil Superman is getting a bit old. Hopefully there’s a bit more to this than that.

Is this a spoiler for the James Gunn movie? Who is the baddie in that?

This trailer looked so much like a Monolith type of take on DC gameplay and nothing at all like Rocksteady. It is sad that the Gotham Knights game looked more like the Rocksteady title than this chaotic trailer did.