Roland Emerich's Moonfall - this will be terrible

I have nothing else to add to this thread. I imagine if you liked previous Emerich movies like 2012 this will be your cup of tea.

According to the film’s official synopsis, a “mysterious force” is what sets the Moon on its collision course with Earth.

Sounds very much like the opening of Seveneves. The moon blew up, we don’t know why. Or care, apparently.

For a minute, I had hoped it was an adaptation of McDevitt’s novel of the same name.

Then I watched the teaser. Oh no … oh noooo

Day 1, when its free on Amazon. :)

This could be fun stupid, or stupid stupid. My money is on the latter.

Looks pretty cool to me. I mean, for whenever they decide it’s ready to stream. I won’t be braving theaters and, you know, other people for this one.

Good lord, everything about this looks so stupid. At one point in the trailer someone’s trying out outrun the lunar collision in a car. I love an okay, dumb action sci-fi flick occasionally (Gravity was scientifically stupid, but it was fun), but I have my limits. Maybe when it hits a streaming service I already have a sub to…

Does it have Moks? Cuz if so, I’m so there.

I think I may need to add Patrick Wilson to the thread of actors that I’ll watch even in bad stuff. If I see him in a trailer I think to myself, ah ok, probably won’t be all bad then. I think he really elevated those dumb Conjuring movies (obviously along with Vera Farmiga) plus stuff like Aquaman and The Watchmen. Plus I think I saw Michael Pena in there for a split second so I mean, come on. This is gonna be quality.

Though I don’t know who beardy worried-looking dude is. He could drag the whole thing down with his hang-doggedness.

I love that bit. “And we’re going to do it during a full moon to make sure we get all of it.”

Maybe it heard about this:

Yes, there is certainly a limit for me as well. Tidal bulging moving at mach 1.5 across the earth surface? Cool. Car attempting to outrun said tidal bulging? Dumb.

There are some things I can forgive, this looks to exceed those limits.

I guess if I were in a car when everything was going to shit, I wouldn’t just park it somewhere and wait.

That’s Sam from Game of Thrones! You probably don’t recognize him without Gilly.


Dang, I thought that was Nick Frost and Will Arnett.

Looks like we got us a Roland Emmerich newbie in this thread. Welcome! In pretty much all his movies, there’s a car chase in which the titular phenomenon – a geostorm, the year 2012, a universal soldier, etc. – chases the lead character while he or she is trying to get away in a car. The only movie where that doesn’t happen in 10,000BC, because cars haven’t been invented yet.


Sounds perfectly logical, but I will not be tricked into watching any of those movies.

Don’t forget Stargate, RE’s best film and my fifth favorite movie of all time! No car race against sand in that one. The movie’s only flaw!