Rome Total War 2 looking likely!

PC Powerplay magazine seems to have a front cover of the old rome game, with a big “II” attached to it, leading to serious speculation that Rome 2 is coming!

While I am incredibly wary of Creative Assembly by now due to recent failures on their part, this is really awesome if true.

Rome: Total war is one my most played games, and everything about the time period, the armies and the philosophy interests me so this is right up my alley!

I’m not as wary as I used to be after Shogun 2 and the expansions, but I wish they would move on to something new.

Bleep. Doubleplus bleep.

Was really hoping for an ACW or WWI game.

I really think they’d have to build a completely new style of tactical map to do WWI any justice at all.

Fine, Rome 2 cancelled. Creative Assembly will now work on a WWI third person cover shooter. Are you all happy now?

The big question is whether I need to play the original Rome: TW if there’s a sequel on the way. I know some people regard it as their favorite in the series. But I spend too much time on these games so it’d be nice to skip it.

If any game needs to be played, its Rome: Total War.

Sure, it has a few flaws, but the vanilla game is simply brilliant. I’m probably biased since it was my first Total War game, but I really like it. The speeches the generals make before each battle are superb, and matched to the circumstances like who the enemy is, how many they are compared to you, and if its a large part of their army and whether they are better equipped than you - They then offer advice as well as to how to survive and win the fight…as TRUE ROMANS!

Love it! damn…know I need to play this again…

The first Rome is worth playing, but at this point it’s been hard for me at least to go back and play some of the older TW games since they lack the interface improvements Shogun 2 brought.

Rome 2 was my preferred choice for their next game so I couldn’t be happier. I can’t wait to see the naval combat in action.

I own all the Total Wars (I think) and Rome was hands-down the most enjoyable. I think it was as low as $3 a few months ago and is easily worth picking up and playing if you even remotely enjoyed other games in the Total War series.

Mad props to the original Shogun and the original Medieval for being fantastic and groundbreaking games in their time, but they pale in comparision to the glory of Rome : Total War. Rome was the first game in the series that got everything together in a mix of grand strategy and tactical combat that felt fluid, manageable and most importantly, exciting. I cannot count the number of games of Rome I have played and yet each and every one continues to have that exciting, addicting “just one more turn” feel even long after the interface and mechanics of the game have become old hat. Rome : Total War ranks alongside Frog City’s masterpiece Imperialism 2 as the games in my collection with the most replayability.

That said, I’m not so sure I’d want to see a Rome 2 right now. Sure the tech has come a long way since Rome, and the game could benefit in many of the same ways Shogun 2 benefitted (though Shogun 2 is a totally different game from Shogun). Still, I would rather see Creative Assembly tackle a unique location and time period not covered thus far. Ancient China comes quickly to mind. The American Civil War is another idea mentioned previously. Ancient Greece and Persia would also be fascinating in a Total War game. Why tread familiar ground when there is still so much new material to be explored?

Because it’s familiar and safe?


And I expect in the next 30 or so years we’ll also see a Rome 3 and a Rome 4. I can’t imagine why anybody would be surprised by this. Tim James joked about it, but really, what else are they going to do? Regional conflicts don’t have as broad of an appeal, plus they’d have less built-in brand value. The only reason there was a new game made about Japan is because it was a sequel. From now on we’ll probably see sequels for previous Total War games every 6-10 years. There’s enough of them now that they can keep the current rotation going almost indefinitely.

  • Jon

I don’t think they’ll leave Medieval 3 very long either. That has to be one of their best selling time periods. So I don’t expect anything new for a while.

What will be really great is if they do Total War games about fictional conflicts in other games. You know, for synergy!

Total War Black Ops 2.

Actually, I’d like them to shelve the Total War brand until the tech catches up. Not the graphics, those have always looked great, but whatever it is that makes things load faster. Going into and out of tactical battles takes forever, and turn times are also quite lengthy. As much as I like the TW games, playing them feels like a poor time investment.

I’m totally fine with this. CA creates the game and modders create the variety.

The reason they aren’t doing something new is that the last time they did we got Empire/Napoleon. Those ended up selling decently, but that was as much the multi-player as the games themselves. And lets be honest, neither showed that CA has quite figured out how to do combat that is primarily gun based. As much as I’d like an ACW TW, that would have made more sense as a second expansion to Empire then a standalone title anyway.

Rome2 is fine with me. Like a lot of others its my favorite game in the series.

I’d really like to see a Fantasy version of Total War, complete with elves, dwarves, orcs, etc…

Yeah, that’s the ticket!

Wish granted. The Third Age is a total conversion mod for Medieval 2 (with Kingdoms expansion) that changes the game to a fantasy (Middle Earth to be precise) setting. This is more than just new skins for units, EVERYTHING is changed : maps, faction movies, music, sounds, unit skins, unit stats and abilities, faction symbols and colors, everything down to the last detail. It’s really a fantastic accomplishment, one of the most detailed and polished mods for any game I’ve ever seen to date. It will totally scratch your itch for Fantasy : Total War.