Ruin a game with just one letter

Mmm. Jerk duck

Maneaster - A turkey hunting humans, maybe?

I’m too lazy to see if this is a repeat:

Orcs Must Diet!

Sharts of Infinity

Thank to the Game Frame Game thread for that one.

Cyberfunk 2077

Ori and the Bland Forest

Ori and the Will of the Lisp

Spice Invaders

Pap Man
Donkey Dong
After Burper

Karate Clamp
Karate Chump
Dime Pilot
Lime Pilot

Temple of Asshai

Bass Effect: thump thump thump.

Sunless Spa

That sounds gloomier than Dark Souls.

On that note: Dark Soups.

President Evil 4 (works for all of them)

Punless Skies. No, we’re absolutely serious about this.

Grim Fawn


Al War 2. It’s Spy Vs. Spy but with Paul Simon and Chevy Chase trying to assassinate each other

Cocksmith 2014. A crafting game that answers the question, “Is that guy compensating for something?”

BivNet. Bell and DeVoe traipse through a space station run by the homicidal AI based on the personality of their lost band member. What do they have to avoid? Poison.

Two Joint Hospital
Fallout: New Vegan
Solasta: Clown of the Magister

I laughed. ;)

Quaker. You’re not using your nail gun to raise a barn, I can assure you of that.



Star Euler - ship design with differential equations

Room, back to hell edition (you go to it now, son!)

American Trunk Simulator, Will Paulie fit?