Ruin a game with just one letter

My son has this contribution:

Weed for Speed

A bartering game?

Klingon Hodor Guard
King’s Bouncy


Kingdom Dome
Elder Ring

c’mon, man

Grand Turismo 7

Sorry :(

Dungeon Guest – the monsters are all genial and welcoming

You have a solemn duty to make a different contribution :D

Bar Game : Red Dragon. Do you dare take that redhead home from this dodgy and badly lit watering hole?

I immediately thought of this

Farts of Iron IV: Waking the Tiger

Hearts Or Iron: Loving the Tiger

No Man’s Spy

Has Dart Souls, a game about people who care quite a lot about little throwing arrows been done already?

Not according to the search!

Pith of Exile

No oranges for you!

Garframe: space fish play free

Winecraft: get drunk on blocky stuff.