Ruin a movie with just one letter


A Liver Runs Through it


Das Book


Yeah, that’s how I (mis)understood the rules. Doh.


Citi2en Kane
Dunces With Wolves


The Lost Action Hero
The Fry
The Shiting
The Invisible Can


The Bills Have Eyes
The Jungle Boot
001 Dalmations
Lady and the Cramp


The Germinator
Kindergarten Cot
Four Beddings and a Funeral
Fine Months
The Lair of the Shite Worm
Sport Cuts
The Prayer


The Right Snuff
Angels With Dirty Feces
To Live and Die in IA
The Starchers
The Deported


Cowl Runnings
Slow Dogs
Hot Dog… The Lovie
Main Man
Pain Man
Rain Pan
Chives at Midnight
Couch of Evil
The Hunchback of Notre Damn
Brine of Frankenstein
I Has A Teenage Werewolf
Mr. Holland’s Onus
Krippendorf’s Bribe
The Truman Scow
Sex and the Pity
Hex and the Single Girl
Space Punter: Adventures in the Forbidden Zone
Battle Beyond the Stats


Wigs of Desire
Miracle Bile
Saw Anything
The Grand Budapest Motel
500 Days of Bummer
Now You Sue Me
Bridge of Spices
The Big Shirt
The Big Dick
Revolutionary Broad


All Quiet on the Western Font
Semen Samurai
Laser Cake
Small Mime Crooks
American Pee
Bach to the Future
Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Boob
Strangler Than Fiction
Beverly Hills Fop
We pown the Night
The Moors
Iran Man 2
The Wives of Others
Good Pill Hunting
Jurassic Pork
Enemy Mime


Too lazy to read through them all, but I always liked:

Dine - “He who controls the spice controls the kitchen.”


What We Do in the Light
It’s a Wonderful Fife
Rudolf the Red Hosed Reindeer
The Hound of Music
It’s the Great Numpkin, Charlie Brown!


What’s Sating Gilbert Grape
This Goy’s Life
A Bronx Talk
Dr. X and the Women


The Nipple Effect
Scat People
Easy Riser


50 shades of gravy
Batman is Superman (by m. Night shamelan)
Black panter
Pie hard


The Likes of Others
The Lives of Otters
A Like Less Ordinary




Got Out
The Stepford Wiles
Vivre sa Pie
The 400 Blogs
Barmy Lyndon
Burst Offerings
Mildred Fierce
Fat People
Star Trek: Venerations
Star Trek III: The Search for Stock
In the Name of the Rope
The Best Years of Fur Lives
Things We Lost in the Mire
The Lonely Gay
The Flu
The Loon in Winter
Loping Isaiah
Pouch of Evil
Ladd from Shanghai
The Bride of the Yankees
Pride of Frankenstein


Animated films:

The Uncredibles (a family of liars)
How to Drain Your Dragon
The Loin King (slight cheat - I swapped)
Binding Dory
Despicable Meh (added letter, but I couldn’t resist)
Lilo & Snitch