Running is hard (flash game)

My record is 2 meters so far.

Holy shit is it ever! I only managed to get 11 meters before falling down and breaking both my legs. The last 5 were in a kind of skipping crab walk where I used my knee more than my right foot.

34.8m. use qw as much as possible to slowly drag your way forward.

I expected this to be the worst flash game ever made.

And I was right.

This makes me cry.

I haven’t laughed so hard in days.

Why would you share this link?

“Have you tried the feces at this restaurant?”
“Why… no.”
“Here, have some!”

I may not be able to run but I did a back flip.

37.5 meters. I’ll call it a win.

W+O alternating with Q+P allows something close to “normal” running… apparently. I went a long way with knee-crawling (enough to knock over the barrier at 50m) but it feels somehow wrong to do it that way.

I laughed and laughed, thanks !

Oh, if they would make it so that the keys matched, that would help Q goes with P, etc. But they didn’t, which is VERY confusing.

Once you get the guy into a stable split you can game it by just spamming keys and move forward slowly and very awkwardly.

The only fun thing about this “game” is watching the dude fall and hit his head, but even that’s old after 2 minutes.

I laughed.

Clearly, the human body was not designed for upright movement.

The thing I like about this is that it seems like it has some sort of underlying physical elegance to it that could be mastered if you just learn the flow, but it doesn’t, it’s just a rag doll.

Warning! Not work safe due to hilarity!

Whoooo! I made it 100m!

Then my jump was 0.2m at the end, and that’s because I made it 100m sliding on my knees.

I dunno. I played it a bit and got used to the timing.

Well, I can get him to 100 yards in even shakes, but I don’t think he’ll ever compete in the summer games–monty python, maybe!

God I love this game! Especially when the Chariots of Fire kicks in when you pick up an ounce of speed. Amazing.

Everyone is a winner!