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Because running with scissors isn’t dangerous enough
(Gameplay footage)

So this is fun. I bumped into mention of it Frdiay in a comment on RPS, downloaded the demo and pretty much immediately bought the beta.

RUNNING WITH RIFLES is a top-down sandbox shooter for PC/Windows, with emphasis on cooperation, squad leading and being a tiny soldier in a big war. The events take place on an open world battlefield divided between two factions, each trying to capture bases from the opposite side until the enemy has been wiped out from the area. The player takes the role of a private and fights along his/her comrades controlled by AI, slowly gaining influence over fellow soldiers through rank promotions from success in battles.

As you fight through you will gain rank - stand next to a bunch of soldiers as a Lance Corporal and one will start following you. You can eventually get promoted to the degree that 10 little AI dudes will follow you. They’ll also key off of your actions - if you crouch, then they’ll go on alert. If you have a suppressed weapon, like the MP5SSD, then your little buddies will only shoot if the enemy is shooting, or if they’re shouting out the alert. In addition to these activity keys, you can issues two direct squad commands right now, which are “Go there!” and “Come back!”

When you die you take over control of a random dude, (with rank retained), which means random weapons and constantly changing approaches. The G36 and AK47 are the routine weapons, but you can also get the suppressed MP5, the M240 light machine gun, (which has to be fired either prone, or from behind a wall that the gun can be rested on and then there’s the Mossberg shotgun.

Enemy AI will use cover behind trees and rocks and if there are a few of them they will spread their line and try to flank you, or get around the end of your line. If they’re behind a rock and see you coming on the right, they’ll shuffle left to maintain cover, meaning you have to flush them out on one side so that your mates on the other can get the shot.

You can see in the video that there’s an ambient day/night effect, the guns sound pretty good and the grenades are suitably chunky. Once you get high enough in rank you will be given mortar rounds to call in. You can ask for them anywhere, but they go through a fire control process coming in some time after you ask for them, so they’re not an instant iPwn button.

Online play is available in co-op and versus modes, so you could have a squad of friends playing together and, when promoted, each could have their own little AI squad tagging along too. The AI will fill out any soldiers that aren’t human controlled and most battles have a cap of 100-a-side, although I’ve been playing 300-a-side in single player mode.

Right now there are two KM² maps, with a third on the way, along with vehicles too. Buying into the beta costs about $7 and gets you into the beta right away and the full copy of the game on release. I understand the beta price creeps up as time goes by to encourage early adoption.

Another (very) short film.

I remember reading about this several months ago on RPS, I’d downloaded the alpha/demo but hadn’t actually tried it. Playing it feels like playing a simplified version of the direct control scheme in the Soldiers Heroes of WW2/Men of War series.

I cleaned up the demo map in about 20 minutes, and wouldn’t mind playing more. It’s yet another indie game I wish the single dev or small team had more resources to work with. I think I might buy into it at this point.

Thanks for pointing it out Mr. Bismark.

Looks very interesting. Thanks for pointing this out, Mr B. I’m going to check out the demo tonight.

Hi everyone, this is my first post :)
I am once in a while looking for “Running with Rifles” reviews in the net since I am a close beta tester of the game and help the dev (which is a single man studio btw) with a few stuff.
Glad you like the game.

@Jargoneer: you played the demo which is quite obsolete at this stage of the development but still gives you an approach of the actual game. I started to play the demo and after a few minutes I decided to buy the full version because I saw a huge potential in the game and I don’t mind to support an indie dev with 6€ if the product is worth it, and I didn’t regret it.

The dev has a full-time job besides the game and dedicates all his free-time to the development of RWR. You can tell that the development goes pretty well under those circumstances.

For the video footage you should have shown Map2 which is more enjoyable, brighter and you can climb ladder and fight/shoot from roof-tops. This urban map gives a bit of “battlefield” feeling and the water areas are great too :)

After introducing the latest weapon, the mossberg shotgun, a sniper rifle will be introduced next, with the ability to see farer away and the sniper will be camouflaged (half-transparent) while standing/crouching/proning still. The AI will have to be adjusted to make the sniper act as a lonewolf and keeping at a safe distance from enemies.

In a couple of days, the work with the vehicles will start (most likely a humwee/jeep who can transport a few units and shoot with a mounted MG). At the same time a RPG weapon to counter the vehicles will be implemented. Later the possibility to lay mines but this hasn’t been discussed deep enough yet.

A comment about the third map on the way you mentioned in your post. I have to gainsay you. There have been vague plans about the 2 next maps but nothing has been started yet. The main focus for now is to fix the lag issues (game tends to have some major lag spikes with pings >100ms but this has been partially fixed in internal tests for the next version), to reduce the I/O traffic and optimize the online experience. A in-game server browser will see the light in the next version as well.

In version 0.61 it has been planed to release the game in Desura ( ) and hopefully the number of players will drastically raise because there aren’t that much online servers around eventhough the online experience is, for me at least, by FAR the most enjoyable part of this game.
We had such a blast playing 4v4 with some bots on each side!

Ah. I was confused then by the “coming short term” part on the site that says :

“new maps with new themes”

I really don’t like that map. I like urban areas in FPS, but in RWR I really don’t enjoy that one. It’s too cramped, really hard to see “behind” buildings and spotting the line of sight dot that shows whether you can hit someone or not becomes almost impossible.

It looks cool, but I don’t play that map at all any more. Still having a ton of fun on the first map though.

About the new map, the work on it will start in not so long, but it may take a while till it’s finished.

It took me a while till I got used to the map2, but now I feel pretty confident with it. In multiplayer I find it more fun than map1 (I barely play singleplayer) since it’s more tactical and from the roof top you can have a massive advantage :)
If you want, you can join the official #rwr IRC channel to give it a shot in multiplayer with some other guys.

Huh, I actually paid for the pre-order version of this and completely forgot about it until now. Now I’ll have to try it. Thanks for the reminder, Mr. B. :)

Did I miss the map with spaceships?

I enjoy a wide variety of games. :P

Can I overlook the absolutely terrible graphics? No. They look like a muddy mess.

are you kidding ? most people love the graphic style of the game.
But well, there is no accounting for taste ;)

I’m having a lot of fun with this game, I’m glad I found out about it. I’m working on winning the 600 man battles right now. I just wish I knew how the scoring and taking of zones work. I’ve won maps so I know I’m doing something right. But are zones taken by killing all the enemy, time in area, superior numbers, or a combination of those things? Also, how is gaining rank scored?

Well, the screenshots are truly hideous.

It seems the developers aren’t aware that GPUs can render saturated colors, and not just slight variations of grey, and it also seems that they believe that GPUs are somehow limited in the number of color hues that can be displayed at once.

I did end up buying this/pre-ordering or whatever. I’ve been playing it a bit during lunch at work. Since it is simple enough to control and run in a little window in the corner of my second monitor.

I still need to try out multiplayer.

Klaus, that’s all interesting, I’m excited to see where he takes this in the next year.

I like the look of the game in motion, though brown and gray make up most of my wardrobe. (And it reminds me of brown and gray marker product renderings, which I like)

I agree that the screenshot is terrible.
And about the dev, don’t worry about his knowledges ;)

The scoring system so far is pretty simple (it may be slightly changed in the future). You kill someone with a gun, you get 1 point, you die once you lose one point. If you kill someone with a knife you get 2 points.
About the zones, when you check your map (default TAB) you see grey and green zones, those are the zones which belongs to the respective color faction. the big yellow circle represents the objective, the zone where the AI is focusing on. The big red circle is the objective of the enemy. Once you have more troups in a zone that the enemy, the zone will get yours.
We discussed already the possibility to make the zone taking system more predictable for the player.

Hello again!

Quite some stuff has been done in Running with Rifles since the last time I checked in here.
The actually version is 0.62 and 0.63 has been scheduled to be released this week-end.

Here I made a 8 minute video of random footage from the upcoming 0.63 version.
You can see the sniper in action as well and some hud improvements. Some minor changes has been done on the animations, weapon properties and scoring system which you may not notice on this video, though :)
Here the vid:

Whoah. Tons of decor added since last I gave it a shot. Gonna have to redownload and try it out again!

Oh, and I can give you money now? Maybe I just missed it last time. Done and done.

woohoo we managed to get a up to 37 men game running today :D
Maybe some of you were in? has been streamed life for a few hours on Jefmajor’s youtube channel/livetv. It ran suprisingly good and was a load of fun :)

This released a few days ago. I find it a good time—quick fun, solid shootiness, frenetic action. Haven’t dived into multiplayer. I’m looking forward to roping some friends in for co-op.

Edit: I don’t think I’ve ever usefully necroed a three-year-old post before.